[Writing Prompt] 100 Words

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So how did you get on yesterday?

Did you write? Did you leave a comment on the blog post, or do your Victory Dance?

Whatever you ┬ámanaged yesterday, congratulations and I’m glad you’re back for more!

Continuing the theme of ‘assuming you have more than one idea of a time’ this week, I’m giving you another length-based writing assignment.

The Prompt

Write A Drabble (A Story Of Exactly 100 Words)


  • Just because you’re limited to 100 words, don’t think this is going to be any less a creative exercise than any other story you write this month.
  • Allow as much time for this as you would for a longer story.
  • Don’t be surprised if you find yourself writing more and then paring the story back.
  • It’s very common to cut out lots of words from the start of short stories. Sometimes we have to write a lot to figure out where the story really starts. Don’t be afraid to ‘start late’.
  • You can’t explain much in a 100 word story. Allow the reader to fill in some blanks. Stories of this length are very much a collaboration between reader and writer.


5 thoughts on “[Writing Prompt] 100 Words”

  1. I’m doing this one also, because I’d already thought of an idea before I saw the guest prompt, though I’ve filed the guest prompt away for future reference. I’m already at 243 words, though, so I have some paring down to do. ­čÖé

  2. I found that I had an idea that could have become a much longer story, especially because I happened to find some wonderful connections/tangents while doing research, but I really wanted to test myself with 100 words today. And who says I can’t expand the story in the future? What a great exercise in honing a story into its most vital parts and letting the few words that remain tell such a large story!

    1. I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t try doing this for every story I’m struggling with (or every scene if it’s a much longer work).
      Get it to the essentials…

  3. “Allow the reader to fill in some blanks.” Writing a drabble is the perfect way to practice this. I am pretty much in awe that I was able to explain what I needed to in such a small amount of words.

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