10 thoughts on “2013 StoryADay Participant Badges”

  1. I’m already getting excited, I also getting nervous. I was already sick this week, so I won’t have that as an excuse for not doing the challenge next month. No one is getting married. Did that during the winter. No major Jewish holidays to get in the way, I think. Yup, I think I’ll be able to do it this year. Now i just need 31 ideas. that’s all. That’s all?
    Is anyone else getting ready?

    1. Started a list of ideas and topics to mix and match aweek ago. It still grows.
      See you at the start up. Work schedule gets thick in May but Ihave tried to supercede obstacles with some preplanning. We’ll see if it works. Trying to get some writing buds to sign up. Good luck!

  2. I have a wedding in April (not mine, but on another continent) and a major family religious event in May, not to mention um, a challenge to run, but I’m with you! 🙂

  3. I would be delighted to join in again in 2013. I am off on a writing course for the first week of May but I’ll be back and bursting with inspiration I hope, so I will join in then! Look forward to it 🙂

  4. Gathering “StorySparks” . . . 🙂 Still meeting every once in a while with the crew of fabulous folks locally who also do NaNo in November for mini write-ins. Just purchased the “Homestudy” packet — I’ll start on that this week. I actually got permission from a friend to pirate our text conversations (providing I changed identifiers), so I have some good conversation pieces . . . *grin* . . .

  5. Oh I love that: getting permission to pirate text conversations!

    Thanks for picking up the Warm Up Course. I’ve started a group here for the people who are going through it this spring.

  6. Just signed up for the StoryADay in May. This is the first writing challenge I’ve participated in and I’m excited to get started. My hope is to have a whole lot of rough draft stories (children’s picture books) that I can spend the summer polishing, and – dare I say – maybe even a few worthy of subbing at year’s end.

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