You Did It! Get Your Badges!

Here are your “DID IT!” badges – NEW, for this year’s StoryADay. You can use these badges anywhere online. You don’t have to have written 31 stories in 31 days — just decide if you achieved/leaned anything of worth during StoryADay 2016, and wear your badge with pride. (Right-click to download. Use inline on social … Continue reading “You Did It! Get Your Badges!”

2015 Partipant Badges Are Here

Taking part in StoryADay May 2015? Let everyone know (and hold you accountable) by pasting one of these badges in your blog’s side bar, or using one of the square images as your social media profile photo. Right click to download the files. Save on your computer, then upload to where ever you want to … Continue reading “2015 Partipant Badges Are Here”

Community Badges

[badgeos_achievements_list type=”community-badge” limit=20]

Quest Badges

[badgeos_achievements_list type=”quest-badge” limit=20]

StoryADay Sept 2016 Graphics

Right-click to download and save these images to your hard drive. Then you can use them on social media, your blog, your Facebook page, wherever you like! Enjoy! [Twitter inline graphic 440 x 220] [100 x 46] [150 x 69 px] [200 x 92 px] [ 250 x 115 px] [300 x 138 px] [500 … Continue reading “StoryADay Sept 2016 Graphics”

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