Learning To Love Revisions

The October 2017 Critique Week is now open. Sign up here. Listen to me chat about Learning to Love Revisions and download the PDF workbook and worksheet (below). Here’s your workbook, all about Learning To Love Revisions. Right-click to download PDF Download the companion worksheet, too! Watch your inbox for upcoming details of a critique … Continue reading “Learning To Love Revisions”

Climbing Mount Revision One Step At A Time

As we sit here, there are only seven days left in May. Seven more stories and then you’re free to take a break, keep writing, set your stories on fire or, preferably revise them into works of genius. To help you out with that latter option I’ve recruited Gabriela Pereira from DIYMFA.com to give you … Continue reading “Climbing Mount Revision One Step At A Time”

Get your story publication-ready with the StoryADay Editing & Revision Seminar

I’m excited to announce our very first free, live teleseminar coming up this Friday. StoryADay May is all about a creative splurge: massive amounts of writing, experimentation and fun. With any luck we all came out with a handful of stories that surprised us: they were really quite good and maybe there were some that … Continue reading “Get your story publication-ready with the StoryADay Editing & Revision Seminar”

2018 Editorial Calendar

During 2018 I’ll be tackling these topics: January – Story Starters – prompts to break through your resistance February – Flash Fiction – the shortest fiction for the shortest month March – Diverse Story Forms – short stories aren’t mini novels! April – Story Sparks and Staying Focused – great prep for May’s challenge May – The … Continue reading “2018 Editorial Calendar”

When The Student Is Ready…

When I started StoryADay May back in 2010, some of 100 or so people who took part really stuck with me. One was Gabriela Pereira, who had just finished up an MFA and was transitioning from student to working writer. We shared an enthusiasm both for writing and for the hair-brained scheme. Back then, I … Continue reading “When The Student Is Ready…”

[Write On Wednesday] Four-Part Story

I’m currently fascinated by a short story experiment being run by Penguin Random House. They’re running a series called “The Season of Stories“. You subscribe, and they send you a story every week. But that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is that they serialize the story. Every day, Monday-Thursday, you receive part of … Continue reading “[Write On Wednesday] Four-Part Story”

Critique Group Tools

The October 2017 Critique Week is now open. Sign up here. So far this week, we’ve Learned to Love Revisions and learned what it’s really like to be in a critique group. Today’s lesson is loaded with critique group tools including How & where to find a good critique group A critique group code of … Continue reading “Critique Group Tools”

[Write On Wednesday] The One Thing They’d Notice

Today’s prompt was inspired by an exercise in Donald Maass’s latest book The Emotional Craft of Fiction. You can find the whole exercise on p.22 of that book. The Prompt Write a story featuring two characters in the same location. Pick a detail that only your protagonist would notice and weave it into the story.  Tips

Get The Results You Want, For Your Writing

Get the free Get Results Worksheet, and catch all the ideas this post gives you Let’s be honest: fame and fortune would be nice, but it’s not really the reason we write, is it? We write because we need to. It should be enough but sometimes we want more. This post will lead you through three … Continue reading “Get The Results You Want, For Your Writing”

Write 12 Stories This Year – A Challenge From Alexis A. Hunter

I’ve always been impressed with how much fiction StoryADay friend and participant Alexis A. Hunter pushes out into the world: over 50 short stories in publications like Apex, Shimmer and Cricket. In 2017, she has committed to writing a new short story every month. That sounded like my kind of challenge, so I asked her more about it.