Story 12: One Hour

The following series of entries on Twitter were reported by a Mrs. Ellen Tanner of Macon, Georgia. Her daughter, Terry went missing on the night of May 14 while on vacation near Chestatee B&B. If you have any information please contact the Chestatee Police Department.

Yay! Just arrived at the B&B. Nearly sundown, but still time to explore a bit.

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 07:58 via Seesmic

I can’t believe how beautiful it is here, even in the twilight. This is going to be the best vacation.

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:08 via Seesmic

Okay, don’t laugh. I think I’m lost. Walking 20 mins and can’t find my way. Help!

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:29 via Seesmic

@SurvivalGuide Um, thanks for following but I’m not interested in signed up for your newsletter. I’m lost in the N GA Mnts.

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:31 via Seesmic

@denniscook I can’t see anything really. It’s pitch dark and GPS says I’m in a coffee shop in Atlanta. :-/

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:32 via Seesmic

Just tried calling the B&B and there’s no answer. WTH?

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:33 via Seesmic

@amysart Yeah, I’m sure I’ll be laughing about it later.

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:33 via Seesmic

I keep hearing noises. It’s probably just little critters, right?

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:35 via Seesmic

Thank God! The moon has come out from behind the clouds. 😀

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:36 via Seesmic

I think I see something. Going to take a look, wish me luck!

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:37 via Seesmic

It’s some sort of hunting shack. Not much here. Some empty shells, a table and chair.

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:39 via Seesmic

OMG! I swear I just heard a wolf howl.

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:40 via Seesmic

@denniscook I know, I know! But I swear it sounded like a wolf.

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:40 via Seesmic

There it is again and it sounds closer. I think I’m going to stay in the shack. Calling the B&B again.

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:41 via Seesmic

I lost signal here for a few minutes. Don’t know what I’d do without twitter right now.

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:45 via Seesmic

Shit! There is definitely something outside the shack. Everyone please call the Chestatee B&B and tell them I’m lost.

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:47 via Seesmic

I can’t believe I’ve gotten myself into this situation.

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:49 via Seesmic

@megreads Will you call Mom and tell her to call the B&B, police, who ever can come help?

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:51 via Seesmic

It’s growling and scratching. I don’t know what to do.

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:53 via Seesmic

Now there’s more than one. Somebody please help me!

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:54 via Seesmic

They’re trying to break down

• terryaimes [+] Fri 14 May 08:58 via Seesmic

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11 Responses to Story 12: One Hour

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  2. jwordsmith says:

    Creeped out now, thanks!

    Seriously this is good. First time I’ve seen an epistolary story written in tweets!

  3. Gina Baker says:

    Love it! Good idea…and it makes the story seem so real.

  4. Thank you! I thought it might be a nice change of pace. 🙂

  5. WonderBunny says:

    Yep, creeped out a little bit! Great job Amanda!

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  9. Michael says:

    Loved this. I really liked the pace and how you could feel the panic building. Good, good stuff.

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