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A Month Of Writing Prompts – The eBook!

A Month Of Writing Prompts 2014 Writing a story a day for a month is a crazy endeavour, but one that hundreds of writers have signed up for every May since 2010. During month of courageous creativity, writers learn how to write every day (not ‘someday’), how to craft a story, how to write in […]

Writing Parent’s Interruption Flowchart

Please print this out and pin it to whatever door or wall space you use as a buffer between you and those loved ones whose sole purpose in life seems to be to keep you from your writing.   And here are some articles to help you with productivity: Delegate Your Way To Writing Success […]

Becoming A Better Writer: The eBook

One of my main aims with was to get you (and me) writing again. It’s about productivity, creativity and becoming the person you were meant to be: a writer. But after you’ve been writing for a while a new worry creep in. You’re no longer worried about making time to write, or whether you’ll […]

Why We Write

Today I have two things for you: 1, A quick rave about a great book for writers; 2, An fun announcement. Why We Write After we’ve been writing for a while — after you’ve succeeded in making writing a habit, even for just a month — it can lose its dreamlike appeal. It can become, […]

An Interesting Publishing Experiment

Our friend Simon Kewin1 has just announced that the first six chapters of his new novel ENGN are being released free at Over the next six weeks Simon and his publisher will be releasing a chapter a week and soliciting feedback from readers via Wattpad’s comments stystem. It’s great use of the new publishing […]

Take The 7DayStory Challenge Today

The 7DayStory is a new short story writing challenge, from the creators of StoryADay May and the DIY MFA: Write and revise a story over the next seven days Use the hashtag #7DayStory to connect with other working writers. Why Write A Story in 7 Days? We believe that it is by writing that we […]

Take The 7DayStory Challenge

Just because StoryADay May 2013 is ending soon, don’t think I’m letting you off the hook. You’ve developed some great writing habits this past month and you shouldn’t let those go. To encourage you to continue with your short story writing, I’ve teamed up with Gabriela Pereira of and, next week, we’re bringing you: […]

Half Way Through StoryADay May – Check In

We are officially half way through StoryADay May 2013. Just think, if you write a story today, you’re over half way there! Some Reminders It’s Not Too Late | Courses & Books To Help | Prompt Preview Exclusives | It’s Not Too Late To Start OK, you meant to start writing at the beginning of […]

2013 StoryADay Participant Badges

Get your 2013 Graphics here! [ 300px x 138px ]

The Art of Asking

If you’re worried about the business side of writing — about the point of doing this thing in an uncertain publishing future — I recommend this TED talk by Amanda Palmer. She’s talking about the music industry, but mostly she’s talking about art and connection, and it applies to writers as much as it applies […]

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