May 2: Avengers First, Writing Second

@fromthefoot Avengers Age of Ultron

I won’t lie my priorities were all over the place today! Oversleeping really messes with my flow so here it is 11:30 and I’m still riding the Avengers high but have to buckle down and get a story written.

Using today’s prompt, I wrote a short piece (351 word count) about some family folklore envolving a mysterious store fire that took place Depression era I believe.


Boom & done. As Hawkeye would say, “Didn’t see that coming, did you?”

May 1 2015 is Done!

I decided rather last minute to give the story a day challenge a shot again this year. I haven’t been writing or blogging much at all for awhile now so looking forward to using my brain a bit this month. It doesn’t get much use on a normal basis!

Finished my first story with minutes to spare but tomorrow, or later today, I’ll write a longer piece!

I’ll probably be tweeting throughout the month @cmckane & will start sprucing up my little corner here soon!

Sept ’12: Story a Day Check In


It’s been 10 days since this crazy challenge started and I’ve worked 8 out of 10. Plus, school started on the 5th but I’ve managed to keep up and some days write TWO stories! Yay!

Here’s a round up with Twitter stories included:

Day One

Day Two & Three (two #twitfic’s included)

Day Four

Day Five

Regency Ride: Part One {I know the name is ghastly I haven’t picked one yet!}. 528 words

Day Six

Day Seven

Regency Ride: Part II {Still no title} 1675 words

Day Eight

The Golden Harp. 15 word story meant for Twitter didn’t make it there.

Day Nine

Mirror. 150 short.

Day Ten

See a trend? I haven’t been terribly prolific but I’ve stayed constant at least!

How is your Story A Day going?