Sept ’12: Story a Day Check In


It’s been 10 days since this crazy challenge started and I’ve worked 8 out of 10. Plus, school started on the 5th but I’ve managed to keep up and some days write TWO stories! Yay!

Here’s a round up with Twitter stories included:

Day One

Day Two & Three (two #twitfic’s included)

Day Four

Day Five

Regency Ride: Part One {I know the name is ghastly I haven’t picked one yet!}. 528 words

Day Six

Day Seven

Regency Ride: Part II {Still no title} 1675 words

Day Eight

The Golden Harp. 15 word story meant for Twitter didn’t make it there.

Day Nine

Mirror. 150 short.

Day Ten

See a trend? I haven’t been terribly prolific but I’ve stayed constant at least!

How is your Story A Day going?


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Day 2 & 3 of #storyaday

I wrote twitter fiction on day 2 and 3 on top of 100 drabble on 9-2-2012. Today I also continued the story from day one with about a 600 word scene.  I wish I had a night off but won’t until Friday so I hope to crank out some gems then. I’ll do a proper round up next week!


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Day one September 2012

I wrote my first story off and on throughout the day. It was a 1300 scene of what might become a longer piece in fact the story looks cool in my mind so I’ll rush on trying to share it. It never sounds as cool whrn I read it though.

I’m tempted to use this writing challenge to check off another item on my bucket list- 31 days of blogging. But I haven’t decided on that either. What I have decided on is I’ll do a weekly recap on my main blog, be tweeting up the #storyaday tag like a fiend and spell checking this post when I get home in the morning.

Wow, I made three decisions at once! That’s a whole other challenge.

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Writing in September

Yep! I’m back in for another round of wordiness!  Here’s a post about it on my main blog Annuary Chit. Not sure if I’m posting daily updates here or not. Either way excited to start!

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Getting ready for StoryFest!

I submitted two of my favorite stories from this year’s challenge.  Hope I did it right I was watching Tower Heist and still groggy from sleep.

I had a blast this year and am so glad .  Here’s a recap on my still not completely finished blog Annuary Chit.

I learned a lot this May and after almost a week of no story writing (but I’ve been writing plenty of other stuff) I’m ready to get back into the swing of it.


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Three more days! I can still make it

My goal was weekends off and that means I could miss eight days.  So far I’ve missed four days.  Yesterday was another travel day and instead of writing like I planned I took pictures and dozed! Ha ha I guess I’m getting old.

I also one have three more days to enter WOW! Women on writing flash contest.  Have you ever entered it before?  I keep saying I will, I will.

Between packing an cleaning and messing around with my baby blog (it’s still in the gestational stage) I NEED to get some good writing in today!

Happy writing!

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Day 27: Bird Turd

I know turd what a crude word. It’s just one of the many jarring words in my most often used words. Dude is number one. But dude had nothing to do with today’s 200 word short. Turd on the other hand…

Still chipping away at story a day. I need to update my chart when I can get to a computer.
Share one of your most said or penned words :)

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Day 24: Road Trip!

I’ve been playing to write in the car today but there’s a BIG chance I’ll be the driver!

I’ll still write just won’t be able to get a big word count.  Only 8 days left!


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Day 22: Limited 3rd prompt story

Today I’m following a prompt since I haven’t got time to work on my chapters from the two main stories I’ve started this challenge.  But I tallied up the word count and my regency shorts is near 8k while my fan fiction is at 3.5k.

I’m going away this weekend and have only missed two days this month so hope to keep the streak going, even if there will be a lot of micro fiction.

First words of today’s story

He didn’t have much time.  The salty drops tickling his lips warned that his body couldn’t hold up much longer.

Tomorrow’s plan

Another prompt story and get packing!!

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Day 19: Sleepy writing

Sometimes being very tired brings out the most wonderful, crazy writing.  Other times it is pure gibberish.  Today I got another 800+ in my fan fiction and I’m going to write a six word story right now! Ready?


The car shuddered and I cried.

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