Day 10: StoryADay in May streak!

Yep, ten days of writing.  In a row. Complete!!!

Say yay with me ūüôā

I’m almost done with today’s story… yes it is ANOTHER continuation. ¬†I really want to start some other stories but can’t seem to stop writing this ridiculous regency.

After Gwen pushed her would be suitor in the water she met up with some locals while her as of yet unnamed suitor dumps out his weed filled, watery Hessians. ¬†They just met back up and somehow they’ll make it back to her house without any more mishaps. ¬†But I have a feeling Gwen won’t get off easy for ruining his favorite pair of boots!

Tomorrow’s Plan

My A&P practical! Baby pigs and slides. ¬†If I survive I’ll try to get a big chunk of this story done and catch up on some other¬†participant’s¬†stories.

What about you?

Have a favorite story you’ve written so far? ¬†Or one you hate?

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