Behind The Scenes: The StoryADay Forums

Here’s a little sneak peak at what you’ll find in the Community:

Community Chatter

All the chit-chat from the blog and the community together in one stream. (You can filter this to¬† ‘updates’ or ‘blog posts’ or to see who has ‘friended’ you..)
Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.00.44 PM


Interest Groups

You can join or start a group that reflects your writing interests. All posts in the community are visible only to signed-in members of the StoryADay community. Groups can be made private to group-members only.


StoryADay Groups Screenshot

Group Chatter

Each specialist group has its own activity stream where you can post quick updates and chat with like-minded writers.Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.58.53 AM

Group Forum Posts

Each group also has its own forum, where you can start a topic and get a discussion going with members of that group.

individual group forum screenshot

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