Spreading The Love

If you want to tell all your friends and colleagues how excited you are about the StoryADay Warm-Up Course and how you think they should join it too, it seems only fair that I should reward you for that effort.

As an affiliate you will get 40% of the price of any purchase made through your affiliate link.

The StADa Warm Up Course with Early Bird Discount/Home Study Version ($47) = $18.80
The StADa Warm Up Course, full price ($97) = $38.80

Here’s how:

Sign up with with e-Junkie (it’s free).
Click “Get Affiliate Code”.
Find StoryADay in the drop down menu.
Click “Get Affiliate Code” button.
Under “Get Product Specific Affiliate Links” select “Warm Up Course”
Use their html code or simply cut out the url – this is your personal affiliate link. If anyone buys through clicks this link, you get credit.

[Because I offer a money-back guarantee I have to wait until 30 days after the initial payment to issue your share.  Affiliate payments are not paid for products you buy through your own links. Payments will be made monthly.]

(Bookmark these instructions now so you can find them again.)

Tweets – Use these to tell people about the course

Want to start writing but keep stalling? Take the “Warm Up Your Writing Course” with StoryADay. [affiliate link]
Need help warming up your writing life? Take the “Warm Up Your Writing Course”:  [affiliate link]
Not quite ready for #storyaday? The Warm Up Your Writing course can help [affiliate link]
Have you written any stories lately? “Warm Up Your Writing” from @storyadaymay now has  a home-study option [affiliate Link]

More Products

Now that you’re signed up for the affiliate program, you can also get paid for recommending other products like my

Time To Write Workshop $17 (your share: 50%)

(Use the same method as above but under “Get Product Specific Links” look for “StoryADay Time To Write Workshop”)

New To Affiliate Programs?

In case you’re not familiar with affiliate programs, it’s simple: any time you tell someone about this course, that’s someone I probably would never have reached. If they sign up, that’s awesome for me. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be awesome for you too, so I send you 40%.

Some things to remember

– You should declare that your links are affiliate links, because it’s the right thing to do and because it’s the law. But here are some ways you can do it.

On Twitter: “Come & take this awesome writing course with me [http://YourAffiliateLink] (aff)” [or “(aff link)”]

Or, if you’re blogging about it, you have more space and can give people a choice:

I’m taking this course and I’d love you to take it with me. If you sign up through this link [affiliate link] I get a kick back, but if you’re uncomfortable with that, here’s a non-affiliate link: http://storyaday.org/store

If you don’t want to fleece your friends, you can always pass the savings on to them: give them the affiliate link, then when your payment comes through, pass the 40% back to them as a ‘discount’.