Time To Write Workshop

You know the struggle of trying to make time to write in amongst all the other priorities of daily life.

Maybe you end up reading about writing, writing about writing and talking about how you’ll get back to writing ‘some day’.

What if You Could Turn “Some day” Into “Every Day”?

What would that do for your dreams of writing success? What would it do for your sense of fulfillment? What would it do for your writing?

The StoryADay Time To Write Workshop can help you reach your goal of going from ‘wannabe’ to ‘writer’ by tackling the first step: how do you find time to write?

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StoryADay Time To Write Workshop


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In early 2010 I was a frustrated writer: I was averaging two short stories a year and had convinced myself I had no idea how to write a novel. With a young family just starting school, a husband, friends, and part-time job, I felt guilty, self-indulgent making any real time for writing.

Worse, I was beginning to suspect I didn’t know how to write any more.

I was on the point of giving up. I was down. It leaked into every corner of my otherwise lovely life.

So, one day, driving home from something mundane but ‘necessary’, I decided I would do something extreme to make my writing get on the list of ‘necessary’ things in my daily life.

If I couldn’t write one story, why not challenge myself to write 31? In a month?
I couldn’t fail any more than I was all ready failing.

And I might just figure out how to write again.

A year later, and I have the almost-30 stories I wrote in May plus many others I have written since, standing at my back, applauding, every time I sit down to write. In November I ‘won’ NaNoWriMo by writing 50,000 words of an almost-complete novel — something I really and honestly didn’t think I could do (until about three days into the challenge).

And the biggest surprise of all? The time I invested in my writing had a positive impact on every other aspect of my life. I was more productive, I was happier, I was more attentive to my husband and kids when I had the satisfaction of knowing I had done my writing that day.  The difference was so noticeable that now, when I start to get cranky, my husband takes charge of the kids and sends me off to ‘have some writing time’.

I’m now starting to comb through my backlog of stories, figuring out the best ways to get them out to readers. I also have a newsletter (with actual subscribers!) and an ebook in progress. My life has never been happier, all thanks to the decision to make time for writing.

And now I have a workbook to help other people figure out what I discovered how to find time to write!  I hope it transforms your writing life at least as much as it has mine.

What’s In The Workshop?

This workbook has three main modules, two worksheets and a bunch of bonus materials designed to help you however you prefer to work and learn (audio, mind maps, spreadsheets…)

Module 1 helps you figure out where you might find some extra writing time;

Module 2 helps you strategize how you can make writing time appear by stealing and swapping from other areas in your life;

Module 3 teaches you how to make the most of even the tiniest pieces of time to make progress.

The Worksheets provide you with a realistic look at how you fill your day now and how you might make some space for your writing. Then then help you create a step-by-step plan for transforming your busy day into a day in which there is room to write.
Capturing your answer on the worksheets will give you an invaluable resource for those days when you feel scattered and frustrated. Pull out your worksheets and remember how possible it is to make time to write.

Bonus Materials

In case you’re an aural or visual learner, I’ve included an audio version of the workbook as a convenient mp3 file.

There is also a mind-map of the materials in Xmind and iThoughtsHD formats, which you can customize with your own ideas and plans.

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How To Use The Workshop

I strongly recommend sitting down for a quiet half hour, reading through the workbook (and/or listening to the audio). Then print out the worksheets (or you can use spreadsheets or the mind map) and work through them. Give them some serious thought, and review them as you go through your week.

Keep your answers handy as you work to increase the amount of writing you squeeze into each day.

Why not team up with a friend and go through the workshop together? There’s nothing like a little peer pressure to keep you honest!

Ready To Get Started?

This workshop is a self-study mini-course and is a fantastic value, compared to some of those other online lectures that sell for $79.

I am passionate about helping other writers unlock their creativity and actually write every day (not ‘some day’). And I know that writers don’t tend to have $79 just lying around, so you can have the Time To Write Workshop for only $17. Sound fair?

And what’s more: if you don’t find any value in the Time To Write Workshop, you can have a full refund at any time just by asking, and still get to keep all the materials. No catch.

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What’s Next?

When you have worked through the workbook, I’d love it if you would send me an email (julie at story a day dot org) or leave a comment on this blog post answering one of these questions:

  • What was the most fruitful part of theworkbook for you (the one you could have kept finding answers for all day)
  • Did you discover anything unexpected about yourself?
  • Or just tell me what you thought, and if there are any parts that could be improved. Your input will make future versions of this workbook truly awesome.

Are you ready to start you writing journey today? Or do you still want to wait for “Some Day” to arrive?

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Julie Duffy


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