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    Julie Duffy - "Again, I’m turning into a night-owl, in my own writing, so I haven’t finished yet. I’m checking in to see how everyone’s getting on though. I’m really putting you through the wringer this week. I just checked […]"View
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    Summer Ross - "I wrote my story today- 249 words. :) It’s just a scene, but it counts. LOL"View
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    CMcKane - "Been doing quite a bit of twitfic but been writing every day! Can’t believe it’s 10 days in."View
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    Alexis A. Hunter - "Gearing up for Story-a-Day May 2015! I bought a new journal to use for the month and have started corralling themed submission calls from various magazines. :) Best of luck to everyone!"View
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    Gwen Lockhart - "Managed to write 2 parts of a short story today, and I’m exhausted. I think I’m already 4 whole stories behind schedule. :( Just finished writing parts 1 and two to a short story about revenge. Let me know what […]"View
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