Start of May 2016

I wrote a fantasy story, 7700 words, all in one night, then passed it out to my writers’ group.  I need to write another . . . and another . . . but I haven’t.  Sigh.

Anyway, this story came to me when I was completely stuck on another.  I said to myself, “Self, you don’t have to write that other story!  You can start a new one, one that’s not going to give you conniptions for days.”  So I brainstormed for an hour, and started a new story, and it flowed just fine.  I was excited about it!  I enjoyed it!

Take away from this.  When I’m stuck, I need to remember that I can just walk away from that story for now.  There are so many ideas out there!  If one’s not working, I don’t need to push through.  Perhaps I’ll write that other story later.  Perhaps not.  But I have a story, and that’s what counts.

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So much for September 2015

I worked on three stories. I finished none. Sigh. What will it take for me to re-light the fire?

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1 September 2015

Since Story a Day in May was a bust for me this year (except for the one story I wrote, revised, and sold), I figured I absolutely have to do Story a Day in September!  But this time, instead of writing a new story each day, I’m going through the rather long list of stories I’ve written since May 2011 when I began this madness.  Some I’ve revised and sold.  Some I’ve revised and my writers’ group has critiqued them . . . but I’ve never gone back and done anything else with them.  Some I began and never finished.  But looking over the list, I have at least 30 that are worth revising or finishing.  So that’s what I’m doing this September.  I may throw in a few chapters of the novel that I’ve been passing out to my writers’ critique group a chapter at a time, just so they won’t languish in suspense for too long.  Also, I have a new story I’ve started that I really must finish quickly so it can go off to a theme anthology.

So I’m hoping I can beat back depression and actually get a lot done this month!

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18 May 2015

Ha!  The month may have been a bust so far as writing a story a day, but the one story I have written has already been purchased.  Now I can settle in and start trying to do a story a day for the rest of the month.

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13 May 2015

So far this month has been a bust for me as far as a story a day goes.  I started a story on the first, and finished it on the 13th.  But it’s a story that I’ll be submitting to an anthology, which I figured made it more important than something I just dashed off so I could say I’d written a story that day.  Tomorrow my writers’ group will critique it, and then I will rip it to shreds, put it back together (as a far better story, so I hope!), polish it, and submit it.

At that point, if I can beat back depression, I may actually start writing a story a day.

Anyway, it’s fantasy, nearly 10,000 words (yes, I write long).  I’m hoping to cut it to 7k words or fewer, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to.  My red pen and I will become fast friends by the end of the day tomorrow!

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1 May 2015

I started a story that was actually brainstormed for a poem in April, but the brainstorming got a bit out of control, and it was obviously enough for a story.  However, the story is going to be a bit longer than I had time for.  I’ll finish it later, but I did get a good first scene.  Fantasy, with a bit of inadvertent magic.

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30 April 2015

April is National Poetry Month.  I’ve written a poem (sometimes more than one) every day this April.  And now the sudden switch!  From a poem a day to a story a day.  Psychic whiplash!  I already have one story somewhat brainstormed (it was an idea for a poem that got far too involved), so that’s a start!  So tonight at midnight, after I post my last poem for April, I’ll begin my first story for May.

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31 May 2014

Sigh. I did not finish the story I was working on, and now the month is over. I spent hours judging a contest I was running on AllPoetry, probably spending more time than I should have, but learning a great deal in the process.

Next year! Next year I should have more “spoons” at the beginning of May.

For June, however, I’ve joined a “Page a Day” challenge. That should be easy peasy, as I’ve a habit of writing around 1000 words a day (which is four pages, normal manuscript format). I’m trying to finish a novel that I started in National Novel Writing Month last November.

At least I did write and sell a story this month, so it is by far not wasted time!

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30 May 2014

Well, no one reads this blog anyway, so I think I’ll brag here even though the ToC hasn’t been released to the public yet. The story I wrote at the beginning of this month, which I finished on the 7th, I then sent through my writers’ group on May 8th. It was critiqued on May 15th, and I then spent the entire night rewriting it. Sometime the morning of the 16th I sent it off to the latest Sword & Sorceress anthology (#29). I didn’t hear back, and wondered if my submission had been lost. If so, it was too late, as May 16th was the deadline. So I queried, and was told that my contract had been sent out! So a story I began last year for Story a Day, finished this year during Story a Day, and spent an entire night rewriting and polishing was sold the very next day. That, I think, is a record for me!

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29 May 2014

Today was my writers’ critique group.  We discussed a chapter of my novel, and I got much more motivated to work on the novel some more (this was the last complete chapter) than to write short fiction.  Sigh.  So, very little work done on any story whatsoever, although I started finishing one I started in 2013.

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