10 September 2012

The prompt for today was the picture at http://www.flickr.com/photos/tobiashibbs/7958529678/  I wrote a 1246-word science fiction story that I’m really not satisfied with.  It will, I think, require some cogitating before I can rewrite it with an ending that’s not bland and moralistic.

I wrote most of this one by hand in my notebook.  Writing in the car on the way to my RPG session, a little bit during the RPG session, and most of the rest on the way home from gaming.  Maybe I should have written steampunk; we’re playing Space: 1889.

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2 Responses to 10 September 2012

  1. Julie Duffy says:

    Do you think this’ll be the kind of story you’ll set aside and then come back to months from now and have a flash of clarity?

    Maybe you’ll come back to it and go ‘Oh, I could end it four paragraphs earlier and leave it up to the reader!’ or ‘Aha! All I have to do is put a line in at the beginning that foreshadows that thing, and …” or “Oh! My hero’s actually a baddie!”

    • I hope so. Although all writing is good practice, I like to write stories that I’ll actually be able to rewrite and get out there! This one, however, will require a bit of thinking, which of course I don’t have time for this month. So, in October, when I start rewriting stories and sending them through my writers’ group, I’ll revisit this story and see if it’s worth taking another look at.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

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