14 September 2012

Writers’ Retreat!

My local face-to-face writers’ group has a yearly retreat, three days to write, hang out, play writing games, get silly, and write.  This year, as we have the last two years, we rented a ski condo in Park City, Utah.  Since it’s the off season, this particular condo is quite cheap.  For ten people (yes, there are beds for that many) we paid around $50 apiece for three nights at the condo.  Great fun!

Since September 14th was one of my scheduled rewrite days, I decided I’d work on the story I started on September 8th.  I am having great fun with it, and wanted to complete it.

That didn’t happen.  I got to over 10,000 words, and the story is still going on.  Obviously, this is not going to be a short story.  Even once I rewrite (I’ve already found a few scenes I can cut), it may still rest firmly in novella territory.  Fine with me, as long as I actually finish it!

I discovered that, bad as my office chair is for my back, the ‘rustic’ chairs at the condo are worse.  I swapped cushions in and out, trying thinner and thicker ones behind me.  None of them were very good.  Finally I just stretched out on the cool floor to let my back quit spasming.  The small screen and keyboard of my netbook, coupled with the uncomfortable chair, made this a less productive writing day than I had hoped for.

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One Response to 14 September 2012

  1. Julie Duffy says:

    Shame about the chair, but getting away for three days with other writers does sound fun. An off-season resort, eh? You’re giving me ideas…

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