Day 14

#11 – Day 14 Story May

She’d never really learned how to keep a place clean. Lived in to you, would look spotless to her, and messy quaint. No, she only cleaned when the mess became dangerous, or if she really had to find something. After all, things didn’t always magically appear when she wanted them to. Sometimes, yes, but that was the exception rather than the rule.

Still, the trash being living in the corner of her room was going a little over the top, and in order to avoid it she’d moved into the living room. The sofa was her bed now, and her clothes were laid out on the kitchen table. She ate in the kitchen itself often enough, anyway, though sometimes she missed being able to sit down at a table. At those times she went out to eat.

One day she finally needed something inside of her room. Cautiously unlocking the barrier she had put up to make certain the creature didn’t spread to the rest of the dwelling, she peeked inside, and blinked at the huge heap of items on her bed. After a moment she realized it was the trash being. Then it began moving, as if sensing her imminent trespass, and she froze on the threshold. As it moved she realized that it was actually a group of trash beings. They had multiplied!

Almost all of the items in her room except for the larger unwieldy ones had been drawn upon to create the creatures, and she ran her eyes quickly over what was left, noting that you could actually see the carpet now. She didn’t see the notebook she needed, but when she moved to look behind the door, the movement caught the creatures’ eyes. As one they howled at her intrusion, moving jerkily off the bed, and she had plenty of time to shut the door.

Resealing it, she stared in frustration at what used to be her room. After consulting a few pest removal firms on how much it would cost to restore the room to her and coming up against an ungodly sum, she finally gave in. She decided it was time to move.

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