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September Goals

I really, really enjoyed StoryADay May. And I’m stoked to be back for September. But I gotta say, one story every day for a month wasn’t quiiite tenable for me. It’s still not, given work obligations and the fact that I’m on Draft 2 of my current novel project, and I don’t want to shelve […]

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Of Wagons and Writing

As the looming silence may have indicated (to my likely-nonexistent audience), I have fallen off the story-wagon. On the day of the 9th, I found myself completely, wholly, and miserably resistant to writing a story. So I didn’t. I let myself deliberately choose to break my eight-day streak in the name of happiness. Because, honestly, […]

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Welcome to May!

Herein I will attempt to write a story every single day. I am very bad at anything resembling consistency, and fairly bad at anything resembling a short story (I do snapshot-scenes, or novels, or freeform pseudo-poetry), so this will be one helluva challenge. I figured it’s good to have a blog here, where I can […]

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