September Goals

Written By: Ty Barbary - Sep• 01•12

I really, really enjoyed StoryADay May. And I’m stoked to be back for September.

But I gotta say, one story every day for a month wasn’t quiiite tenable for me. It’s still not, given work obligations and the fact that I’m on Draft 2 of my current novel project, and I don’t want to shelve it for the month in the name of short story fun.

So, September’s rules guidelines:

– Write 15 stories in the month! It would be ideal if they get spaced out at every other day, but it’s okay if they don’t. I just want to end the month with 15 new shiny stories.

– Must have a beginning, middle, and end. I will continue figuring out exactly what that means as I go along.

Yes, I only have two guidelines. :D

Let’s get writing!

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