Welcome to May!

Written By: Ty Barbary - May• 01•12

Herein I will attempt to write a story every single day. I am very bad at anything resembling consistency, and fairly bad at anything resembling a short story (I do snapshot-scenes, or novels, or freeform pseudo-poetry), so this will be one helluva challenge.

I figured it’s good to have a blog here, where I can pour all my attempts, good and bad. The best ones will be curated over in my fiction stash later.

My Personal Rules for May

– The day does not end at midnight; it ends at dawn. (Sole exception: the last day of the month.) If I don’t finish a story until 2 am, it still counts!

– Must have a beginning, middle, and end. I will figure out exactly what that means as I go along.

– Write every day. (Migraine days are probably exceptions, but I’mma try anyways.)

– Goal word range is 700-5000 words.

– At least one story a week should be a longer one, in the 3-5k range.

I think that’s about it. Now to think of the First Story™! :D

PS~ Something worth reading: Story Structure to Die For (free!)

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  1. Summer Ross says:

    Great goals and good luck!

  2. Roberta Gray says:

    Love the sensory details. Well done!

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