Today’s prompt from DIYMFA’s Writer Igniter was: a retired magician; trapped; red shoes; a tropical/jungle setting


“Breathe,” he told himself. “Slow and even. Keep your heart rate down. Don’t waste a molecule of oxygen.”

It was how he had always done it. Sure the old escapology tricks had been mostly illusion, but there had always been that moment, when The Lovely Samantha, or The Adorable Annette, or The Luscious Lavinia had slammed down the lid of whatever contraption this decade’s audiences had wanted to see him escape from. That moment before he found the tripwire, the trigger, the trapdoor, when he had felt his confinement. The moment of panic. The moment he had always had to talk himself through.

It was a funny occupation for a claustrophobic, he would say, only half-joking. His parents had only been able to scrape together enough cash to pay a cut-rate therapist. She was the one who had come up with the crazy idea. And so, the Amazing Toddini had been born…and had paid his parents back from the money he earned with his first few performances for astounded neighbors.

Over the decade, though, his audiences had become harder to impress even as his body had resisted his efforts to contort it into smaller and smaller spaces.

Tank God for cable. That final HBO special and been enough to buy him the ultimate escape, here to his tropical paradise.

Of course, he hadn’t reckoned on his need for applause. Hadn’t thought about the consequences when he’d rigged up that elaborate illusion simply to delight his village neighbor’s daughter. The new red shoes she’d been coveting in the marketplace had been easy enough to secure. They’d been hidden under his sarong all along, of course, but when he’d produced them from nowhere and presented them to the confounded girl, it had looked like witchcraft.

And now here he was, confined to a 4’x 4′ corrugated iron cell. Breathing slowly. Trying not to panic. And this time the only trapdoor waiting for him was one he didn’t want to trigger.

Attend The Tale

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Chocolate Cake

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25 Things About My Mother

1. She has always been stylish (and occasionally groovy). I have always felt like I had a cool mother. It also means that her photo albums serve as a one-woman timeline of late-20th/early 21st century pop culture. 2. When I was seven months old, she loaded myself and my older siblings onto a plane in […]

I’m Not A Racist, But

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I’ll Get To It

I’ll get to it. Later. After I make breakfast, make the beds, make these phone calls, do those dishes, clean the toilet, run a load, answer these email. Peckish now, what’s that? Lunchtime! Make something healthy. Now, dishes and a cuppa. Quick browse of Facebook to relax, then back to it. Do I have time […]

The Only Way Out

Cold steel vibrates under my hand. A vast nothingness yawns behind me. Both things surprise me. I’d expected the wind, though not the unfamiliar icy edge at this altitude. It whips my hair into my face, so I can’t see him advance. “There’s nowhere to go.” His voice comes in snatches, discordant against the singing […]

What I Saw

Something’s off about him. I can’t quite put my finger on it. When he starts to cry, in the pew, I assume that’s what I saw. I hold his hand, try to pour acceptance and love into the cracks in his heart. At communion time he sinks to his knees, shuddering. After mass, I sit […]

A Letter Of Complaint

Dear Sirs, I am writing to convey my deep disappointment with the quality of your “service”. When I chose to hill-walk in the teeth of a blizzard I was under the apprehension that Mountain Rescue would come to my aid if I encountered difficulties. Do you have any idea how much I paid for this […]

Time Shift

We’re here, inside these intense moments. Together. Outside, the world time-lapses by, but here? Here, we’re living lifetimes in each moment, each long breath, each counted heartbeat. We are, for one bright passage of time, conceiving the inconceivable. Your fingertips are cold. Your lips remind me of a clear sky at the beginning of a […]