104 – Getting Your Mojo Back

In Week 2 of StoryADay May 2018 we’re working on craft-based writing prompts (character desires, conflict, structures, openings and endings). Picking up skills and putting down words.

But now that the novelty has worn off, what can you do to rekindle your excitement about writing every day for a month?

Another new episode of Write Every Day, Not “Some Day”

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2 thoughts on “104 – Getting Your Mojo Back”

  1. This was a great podcast. I was really struggling the second week. I thought at first I didn’t have time but the truth was I wasn’t making the time. I found my fears about writing and guilt over missed days were starting to take over. I had to take some time to reflect about why I wanted to write. When I remembered my reasons and listed them out my passionate fire for writing came back. I feel so at peace during my day now. Thank you Julie for all you do!

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you went through that exercise and had the courage to face whatever was holding you back.

      I am increasingly of the opinion that writing is 99% mindset, 1% talent!

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