2019 Day 7 – Flash!

How did you get on yesterday? Did you write a story?

Remember, set your own rules, and stick to them. If you miss a day, don’t try to catch up. Just keep moving forward!

The Prompt


Chances are, most of the stories you’ve written so far would qualify as Flash Fiction if all we meant was “under 1200 words”.

But Flash is more than that. It is deliberately taut, vivid, and short. It should contain one or two vivid moments or images that stay with the reader long after they’ve gone.

Write your story of 1000 words today, and work on making it flash.


Steve Almond, Stop

Erin Morgenstern, The Cat and The Fiddle

Ariel Berry, Useless Things

Naomi Kritzer, Paradox

Josh McColough, Meteor

Jennifer Wortman, Theories of the Point of View Shift in AC/DC’s ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’

Rachel Engelman, Joan of Arc Sits Naked In Her Dorm Room

Julie Duffy, The Girl Who Circumnavigated The Earth In An Act of Her Own Making


Check back every day for more prompts, and don’t forget to come back and leave a comment to celebrate your writing successes, every day!

19 thoughts on “2019 Day 7 – Flash!”

  1. I wrote a thriller called ‘The drive’. It was around 940 words. I changed my storyline so many times though. It had started as a serendipitous conversation between two strangers and ended as a thriller .. haha..

  2. OK Today’s is not ‘Flash’. It is less than 1,000 words and is a bit of a ‘biography’ of the characters in the banner of my blog. i.e. where did they come from, links to some back stories and the idea that I may write about them as a ‘Party’ sometime into the future. http://afstoryaday.blogspot.com/2019/05/day-7-introductions.html

    NOTE – for those new to Story-a-day, and those who are not, a good number of the back stories started in this event.

    Also, there’s a link to a story never published to the web before ‘the case of the missing tooth’

    1. Andrew, that comment about many of the back stories starting in this event is so encouraging. By the end of the month I hope to have a little supply of story seedlings.

  3. This is a bit of my piece for yesterday, tried my pen at scifi which i’ve never done but had alot of fun with

    In a corner of the apartment, an old oaken table held space. thelia had claimed it as her own when her grandmother had passed. Her hands glided across it feeling grandma c’s power reaching out to her. In the center, a wooden box beckoned to Thelia. She stared at it while fingering the key suspended from a silver chain around her neck. She pondered not opening the box. Yet she’d been given the gift all the same, it didn’t really mater. She was the seventh grandaughter of the seventh daughter. It was her birthright and hers alone. She got up and walked to the window, her siamese Minx trailing behind her. He jumped up onto the window perch and they both watched as purple sunlight bathed the people below in a blue haze. People scurried to get home to their apartments. There were no houses, the places her grandmother had spoken of when she regaled thelia with tales of long ago. That had been another directive of the world council, people ordered to live in apartments. thelia sighed , where would she start?

  4. This was a bit of a struggle, and it may want some editing when I’ve slept on it. But for what it’s worth, here’s my flash for today.

    Arctic Elegy

    19 December 2015, 10 am
    After the storm of the century, we ventured out exhilarated by the power of nature. In the next row of houses, snowdrifts reached the second floor and children sledded gleefully from their bedroom windows, their headlamp beams chasing shadows from the whiteness. Cheery adults exchanged storm anecdotes and tunneled through drifts to liberate neighbors trapped indoors. The dark polar night teemed with activity, with lives lifted out of the ordinary.
    10:23 am Facebook message: “Avalanche in the center of town. Homes are damaged. Come help if you can. Bring a shovel.”
    11 am news flash: “One person has been confirmed dead and several others are injured after an avalanche swept away several homes in Longyearbyen. The victim is a 42-year-old man.”
    Polar night transformed from merely dark to utterly black. Total absence of light.
    What they said was true but made no sense. The victim was not a 42-year-old man. It was Aaron. He was Aaron.

    May 2019
    The debris of the houses is gone now, meticulously cleared away after the light returned in spring 2016. The houses smashed by the avalanche in February 2017 are also gone. All remaining houses in the avalanche zone will be dismantled later this year.
    Five sturdy snow fences have appeared on the slope above town. Guardian eyesores. They’ve receded into familiarity in the landscape. But when sunlight angles through them we see them afresh and know we are diminished.
    The condemned houses face north-northwest into the stark midnight sun. Curtainless windows reveal naked walls in empty rooms. Eternal summer light. Total absence.

  5. I didn’t write yesterday. But today my flash fiction really went well. And I tried out a genre that I’ve never written – mystery. I set it in a church and I created 2 characters that I think I could really flesh out more. It was fun.

    Also, I’m loving reading all the different stories that are posted.

    1. That sounds great!

      And I’m so glad people are posting and reading stories. For some people that’s really motivating (and not for others, which is why I leave it up to you!)

    1. How did it feel, to write so tightly? Did you like it? Or are you glad that’s over with? 😉
      Sometimes its useful to try these things just to find out what we don’t like to write…

  6. I hadn’t written flash fiction before, I fact I had never even understood what it meant! I really enjoyed creating the back story in my head and choosing the moment to dive in and start my flash fiction challenge.
    I’m really pleased with the result and it’s nearly there! It’s 1152 words but after tidying it up and giving it a polish, I think it will be a passable piece of writing!
    This group is really giving me focus and so far I feel I’m doing surprisingly ok 👌!

    1. Oh, I’m so pleased to hear that. It sounds like you are really taking on this challenge and making it work for you!

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