2019 Day 20 – Epistolary Story

How did you get on yesterday? Did you write a story?

Remember, set your own rules, and stick to them. If you miss a day, don’t try to catch up. Just keep moving forward!

The Prompt

Write A Story In The Form Of Letters

An epistolary story is one that is written in:

  • letters,
  • memos,
  • texts,
  • voicemail messages,
  • video messages…anything that is communicated directly to another character, not in real time.
  • Make this conversation between two or more characters.
  • Make sure to give everyone a distinctive voice,
  • Think about how we communicate in writing vs in dialogue and how a character’s voice might change in writing, when they are in no danger of being interrupted and can explain themselves fully.


Check back every day for more prompts, and don’t forget to come back and leave a comment to celebrate your writing successes, every day!

8 thoughts on “2019 Day 20 – Epistolary Story”

  1. This was fun and gave me a chance to expand on something in my project. The one thing connecting one of the main protagonists and their grandparents is the collection of postcards. I had only referenced them in different stages of the character’s life. This allowed me to have fun and write them out (yes, on actual postcards, so another typing day needed), finding a few fun details along the way.

  2. 7 year old exchanges letters with her grandmother. I wanted to see if I could create the character of the girl’s mother/grandmother’s daughter from their letters. I like what I have so far.

  3. My correspondence occurred in the 1920’s between a father who was in the Royal Navy and the eldest of three siblings he’d left at home in a rural Herefordshire village.
    I wrote 846 words but I feel I could keep adding to this exchange of letters. It’s addictive!
    I am enjoying this site so much. Thank you!

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