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StoryADay Challenge Handbook


If you’re a writer who feels like you could be making more progress, writing more, or enjoying your writing more, then I want to invite you to pick up a copy of the
StoryADay Challenge Handbook.

Inside you’ll find 31 story prompts, warm ups and brainstorming exercises to help you 

  • write more often,  
  • get into the flow faster, 
  • build your skills

…and end up with a stack of completed stories to share with friends, fans, and editors.

With written content, captioned videos and audio, this supports your desire to write no matter how busy you are or how you like to learn. 

At the end of the month, you’ll receive an ebook of all the content, to download and keep handy on your favorite device.


 $97 save $66
Introductory offer: $31
($1 a day – expires 31 May 2024)

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Bonus 1

Working With The Short Story Framework Walkthrough

Mastering story structure is one of the ways we get tripped up in our question for productivity and creativity.

I put together the StoryADay Short Story Framework to help bust through blocks and give you a quick way to brainstorm any narrative story.

This walkthrough takes you through the process. Just 11 minutes long, it explains how to plan out a story without feeling boxed in.

Bonus 2

Creative Challenge Workbook Walkthrough

The Creative Challenge Workbook has helped thousands of writers prepare for a big creative challenge, like StoryADay or NaNoWriMo or any other challenge that requires you to do some mental prep.

These three videos (and a download of the workbook) help you understand the importance of this mindset work, and works you through it step by step.

bonus 3

The Point oF View Cheat Sheet

A quick reference guide to how and when to use each of the most common points of view.

bonus 4

Writing Dates

3 x weekly writing dates during StoryADay May. Write with Julie Duffy and the StoryADay Superstars in our private Zoom room.

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 $97 save $66
Introductory offer: $31
($1 a day – expires 31 May 2024)

7 Day Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked.

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