Chill & Refresh
(a pep talk)

Maybe all you want to do at this time of the year is chill on the couch with a hot chocolate (or a cold beverage) and enjoy the season.

Totally fine.

This is your (writing) life and you get to design it however you like.

Stay Connected

If you don’t want to be actively working on writing projects but want to stay connected to your writing there are several things you can do.

Read – there are few better things a writer can do to improve their own writing than … read!

Journal – keep a note of all those quirky people and phrases you hear as you’re socializing

Plan – spend a little time assessing what went well this year and what you plan to achieve next year. No big deal, just some end-of-year reflection

Get the StoryaDay Annual Planning Bundle to help you plan. It’s full of lessons, worksheets, and reflections to help you capture your wins from the past year and plan – realistically – for more progress next year.

Enjoy the season!


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