2019 Day 13 – Muddle in the Middle

The Prompt

Focus on the middle of your story

  • Write a sketchy opening today e.g. [Scene: Woman, alone in her living room. There’s a knock at the door…]
  • Create an ‘inciting incident’ AKA “Something that happens to change things” and have your character react to it, in a way that’s not helpful.
  • Start to topple the dominos from that initial incorrect reaction.
  • Write a sketchy ending. You can fix this up later. Focus on making the middle work!

Leave a comment and let us know how it went today.


Short story framework cropped trans

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15 thoughts on “2019 Day 13 – Muddle in the Middle”

      1. Largely true. My mother’s house is next door to ours, but all the critters make themselves at home in hers. I didn’t even mention the bats and the wasps. And we lost a renter from there, because he and his wife said there was a ghost. No, I forgot: TWO ghosts.

    1. Ah I enjoyed this. It flowed really well. And nice attention to detail with the chromebook and different laptops. I really want to know what was in the email 🙂

  1. Completed a brief opening and launched into the middle! I used the same characters I have ‘ painted ‘ after all my research for the dialogue challenge and it helped my idea build into a drama quickly. It was loosely based on a real life situation so I wrote more quickly than usual. I have a vague idea where it is going so will definitely work on this story again. Only 653 words though!

  2. All sketchy I reckon. Sat outside in the rare sunshine after work with a little sugar rush and wrote something in my tiny ideas book. Got all sorts of muddled and not just in the middle. But a few hundred words written and I like some of my closing thoughts. I think I should have walked a bit more first, shake the ideas loose as someone mentioned.

    I’m struggling with anything too far outside my own experience. I don’t know what that is !

  3. I started with one sentence for the beginning and then launched into the middle. The story was inspired by a news article I read over the weekend. It is interesting enough to play with for now. I also did some freewriting and thinking about my novel. I am excited to think about beginnings and endings in the coming days!

  4. I used today’s prompt as an opportunity to ‘muddle through the middle’ of the story I’ve been working on the last few days. It got me over the hump, and I finished my longest piece for the month!

  5. After a few days of hiatus, I was able to write my story today. It was about an interview gone completely wrong, with an open ended ending 🙂

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