Maybe you started this challenge determined not to miss a day (“It’s all going to be different this time!”) and maybe life got in the way—or your mother came to visit, or your boss threw a big project at you—and the challenge has got away from you.

Or maybe you just discovered this challenge and are sad you missed the start.

Good news!

With the fun-size version of the challenge you can jump in right now, catch up on the essentials in about 2 hours (total), and still be on track to finish a new short story this month.

In this post, I have prepared a banquet of all the fun-size tasks you’ll need to get your story written.

(If you want to get the most out of the challenge, I suggest you go here and click on all the tasks, to help you build a sustainable writing practice, but in the interests of catching up, this page has the essentials.

BEWARE: these materials will not be available after the challenge ends, so don’t think you can come back to it later.

Writers love deadlines, right?

Fun-Size Feast of Tasks

  1. A Solid Foundation
  2. Starting Your Story
  3. Their First Action
  4. Write Your Opening
  5. Brainstorming the Middle pt 1
  6. Brainstorming the Middle pt 2
  7. Something Changes
  8. Beginning to write the middle

Each piece should take you 15 minutes.

You can dedicate 2 hours to powering through them all, or sprinkle them throughout your weekend.

Read through the comments section of the tasks if you need some motivation: see how happy those people are? You can have that too!

Leave a comment and let me know when you will be working on your story, this weekend