Fun Size Challenge – Day 0

(You weren’t expecting a Day 0, were you?!)

Two quick things for you today before the challenge gets rolling: A bonus task and an invitation to join me live on Saturday, April 30 for some writing and  Q&A.

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Your First Fun Task

I promised to make the fun-size challenge low-commitment and I will, and I am starting early for a good reason:

I’ve discovered that the busier I get as a writer, the more important it is for me to know where I put stuff. 

Set Up Your Workspace

Today, I’m going to encourage you to take a moment to set up a digital folder or a notebook (physical or digital), or a three-ring binder, where you can keep all your materials related to StoryADay’s Fun-Size Challenge

It might not seem important now, but a month from  now, when you are in a completely different place as a writer, you are going to thank Past-You for being kind and making it easy for you to find all the moments of brilliance and insight you racked up.

You might have re-wired your brain so thoroughly that you can’t even imagine where Past-You would have put that amazing idea you had when you were on a walk…

So make a home for your StoryADay Fun-Size materials today.

(I’d love it if you would send me a picture or a screenshot of your folder/binder/notebook, all ready to go)

Snap a picture with your phone and email it to julie at storyaday dot com and you might see it pop up on the site!

Live with Julie – Saturday, April 30

Over the next month I’m going to be sending you lots of tasks, to help develop your writing practice.

But for any of that to matter, you have to really believe that you can be a writer and can fit it into your life.

I’d like to invite you to start that process tomorrow morning. 

If you can, I’d love for you to join me on Zoom  for a Q&A session, and stay for a writing sprint, where you’ll have a chance to stretch your writing muscles, and get warmed up before May starts.

Q&A will start at 9:30 AM (Eastern US) CHECK YOUR TIME, and we’ll get down to some quiet writing, in community. (If you’ve never been to a Zoom writing sprint, you’ll be amazed how productive you can be, writing quietly in the presence of others!)

I’ll send another email tomorrow morning around 8:30 AM with the link.

Until then…here’s a little gift for you. Save this picture, cut it out, stick it to your notebook or your laptop, because you are, an official StoryADay Writer! Congrats!

Right-click to save

Leave a comment letting me know if you’ll be there

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  1. I’ve become enamored with the EO OUT notebooks. You get 24 for US18 on Amazon. They’re A5 size and just 60 pages so they’re easy to carry around, you can fill them before you get bored with them and they’re lined.

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