Day 09 – Pick Your “Win”

Today we’re going to review how far you’ve come and pick a ‘win’ for the month

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Now that you’ve been acting like a writer for a whole week, I am inviting you to pick your ‘win’ for the rest of this challenge.

It may seem odd for me to ask you to revisit your goals for the challenge, one week in, but here’s the thing: our expectations of how a project will go rarely match reality.

If we allow uninformed expectations to dictate whether a project is succeeding, we end up with a lot of abandoned projects.

I don’t want that for you.

So, you may have come into this thing, thinking you were going to
write a perfect draft that you could immediately send out to publications
finish a story in the first five days, then do three more over the month
be able to turn up every day and complete the tasks first thing in the morning
never skip a day and have to catch up

There are so many ways your expectations might not have been met…and yet you might still be succeeding.

Today I want you to pick a realistic, achievable (and yes, it can still be ambitious) ‘win’ for this month.

It might look something like one of these:

I will complete all the tasks even if I don’t do them all on the right days
I will allow myself to write an imperfect first draft
I will leave a comment every day, recording how the challenge is going for me and what I’m learning

Write one ‘win’ now, the leave a comment letting us know what it is (if this is comfortable for you. Otherwise, just say ‘I did it”, print out your bingo token, and get on with the rest of your day!)

I’m so glad you’re still here. Turning up over and over again for your writing is going to result in a healthy writing practice that makes you happy. Scientific fact (*not actually verified in clinical trials, but c’mon!)

Bonus Task:

In my I, WRITER short story course, I use “I, WRITER” as an acronym for the parts of a writing practice we are always striving to master. “T” stands for Triumph because (actual scientific fact, via Prof. BJ Fogg of Stanford University), if you want to create and stick to a new habit, an important part of the process is celebrating EVERY SINGLE TIME you do the habit.

So consider picking a simple celebration you’ll do every time you complete one of these tasks, leave a comment and/or add a token to your bingo card (honestly: adding the token to your bingo card can BE the celebration. It’s still and fun and easy). Other options: fist-pump the air; give yourself a hug; do a little victory dance; smile.

Leave a comment telling us how today’s task went

Here’s your next Bingo Piece. Download the pic, print it out and paste it onto your bingo sheet. Then share a picture of it on social media with #storyadaybingo

39 thoughts on “Day 09 – Pick Your “Win””

  1. I will finish each day’s Fun Size Challenge. While I’m a bit behind, I’m enjoying giving myself some time to write for myself each day.

  2. Similar to everyone else: I just want to see this challenge through. It’s been so fun to dive back into writing fiction. My win is to collect the bingo pieces as I go. Thanks Julie the reminder to pause to look at how far we’ve come in and how much work we’ve put in in “just” nine days. This was a great way to acknowledge what I’ve done so far and to realistically reset for going forward 🙂

  3. I will allow myself to finish an imperfect first draft. I took the wording from the example because it really is perfect for me. I often allow my writing time to be sabotaged and so drafts sort of always linger in my brain and then disappear. I owe it to myself to see it through!

  4. I will write an imperfect first draft or at least get the ideas out for what will happen and fill in the funny bits later.

  5. I will look at my writing schedule in a new, productive light. I just want to develop good habits. So every time I finish a task, I will celebrate the fact that I’m internalizing the process.

  6. *SIGH* Due to illness and LIFE, I have unfortunately fallen by the wayside with my writing goals for StoryADay. *SIGH* However, I am saving every blog post so I can go back through each and do the challenges next month on my own. I TRULY HOPE it will help me FINALLY get on a writing schedule–even to write when I’m not feeling well. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Juile, for ALL the HARD work you put in to making this event happen, and ESPECIALLY for INSPIRING us all to KEEP ON WRITING ON!!!

  7. I will complete all the tasks even if I don’t do them on the correct day, and I will allow myself to write a completely imperfect first draft, even if it’s only PART of a completely imperfect first draft.

    1. That is HUGE.

      Allowing yourself to write a completely imperfect first draft (even part of it) will be a game-changer.

  8. As of today, I am finally caught up. Winning is allowing myself to have fun with “fun_bites” and push all the shiny things that manifest with creativity out of the way. Focus for the remainder of the months and celebrate my daily wins with a self-congratulatory “JOB WELL DONE!” “KEEp SHOWING UP!”

    I was ready to give up; until I came to the blog and read all of your comments. Thank you all so much for showing your courage and determination. It helped me find mine.

    1. Woohoo! This is HUGE.

      Being able to celebrate showing up is such a great win.

      I’m so glad you came back and stayed engaged with the community. It makes a huge difference. We can write alone, but trying to ‘be a writer’ alone is just making it more difficult than it needs to be!

  9. I will complete all the tasks, even if I do them imperfectly or the day after, which is exactly what is happening today. I’m catching up!

    And I will reward myself by colouring my handmade bingo. Simple pleasures.

  10. My goal is similar to the others mentioned here: complete these daily tasks (even when I get behind), comment here (no matter how vague), and complete at least one story draft (nothing perfect but complete). Also I want to do a better job of gathering story sparks each day. As for rewards, the bingo card is a colorful reminder that I’ve gotten something done.

    1. I’m so happy this fun-size challenge is working for you. Yay! And hooray for the goal of completing one story draft however imperfect. That’s key.

  11. I will complete all the tasks even if I don’t do them all on the right days and will allow myself to write an imperfect first draft.

    Bonus- I will put a gold star on my monthly wall calendar.

  12. A win for me is to complete all the small challenges (measurable) and end the month with a draft (measurable, no matter how rough) of the story I’ve started this week–and have a better idea for how to structure the complex story I started more than a year ago!

  13. My goal is to have a complete, polished short story by the end of the month. I may use it for a reader magnet or a freebie when I start my website. The bingo pieces are huge for me. I really look forward to collecting them. But I can’t do it until I do my assignment for the day. (I may or may not celebrate with a small piece of chocolate as well…). I’m having fun!

    1. I am eating a square of divinely dark chocolate RIGHT NOW!

      Also, I love the idea of using this challenge to create your Reader Magnet. Practical!

    1. For the classic challenge I always say “Don’t try to catch up” but for this one I think that’s a worthy aim. Glad you’re enjoying the challenge.

  14. My goal is to complete all the challenge tasks more or less on time, and finish one story. It doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be done.
    Also, I like the bingo pieces. Except my printer is out of color ink, so I color in the pieces after I print them.

    1. That is very enterprising.

      I’m so happy so many folks here are valuing the ‘doesn’t have to been good, it just has to be done’ mindset. It’s such a tough lesson, and it leads to such great things!

  15. I commit to completing each task. I cannot always do it daily but on days I can I will do the outstanding tasks and post comments when they’re completed.

    1. Confession time: I’m not an ‘every day’ kind of person either and being able to catch up makes all the difference for me. #IronyAlert

  16. My goal is to complete all the tasks by the end of the month, whenever I get around to them! Since I’m still not sure how this month is going to go, my maximum goal is that plus a finished first draft.
    Going to be spending the day thinking about what my little reward should be, but that’s very helpful as I’m trying to develop all sorts of habits right now!

    1. Re: rewards: something that makes you FEEL good and can be done immediately as soon as the habit is achieved, is the most effective reward. Something that shifts you mood is more effective than something that might seem more impressive but requires props or planning. (That’s why a victory dance or fist-pump, or a big grin can be more effective than even a gold star – much as I love stickers!)

  17. I’ll finish all the tasks and have a solid draft by the end of the month.

    After completing a task, I’ll look up and allow myself space to notice one thing in my surroundings that delights me.

  18. I’d like to have a completed draft I feel confident enough in that I can submit for publication.

    I’m a sucker for checklists so the bingo tokens really are a celebration for me. I get a little bit of dopamine every time I add a new token!

    1. Dopamine FTW

      Spoiler alert: I will be building in time for you to take your first draft and polish it up a bit, so this goal might work out. However, remember you might need a bit more time to let the story rest/percolate, so shifting that final goal by a few weeks could still be a big win.

  19. Nothing super innovative here: my goal is to have a complete draft at the end of the month, and my celebration is posting my updated bingo card to Instagram 😄

  20. I will finish all tasks and have a full first draft by the end of the month – however good or bad the draft may be.
    (The tasks so far are small enough for me to fit them in my busy day. So yay!)

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