[Write on Wednesday] Fun With Vitriol

Ever hated a place? I mean really hated it? I’ve been reading a few books recently where a character pours his emotions about his life and everything in it, into his description of where he is. The authors used the character to write passionate, scathing, vitriolic critiques of the places. Reading them gave me a … Continue reading “[Write on Wednesday] Fun With Vitriol”

[Reading Room] “Ziggurat” by Stephen O’Connor

This week I’m listening to “Ziggurat” by Stephen O’Connor, which I found on the NPR Selected Shorts podcast. (It’s read by Tim Curry who does a fantastic job. It’s worth a listen. You can find it here.) It tells the story of what happens when the Minotaur encounters a new arrival in his Labyrinth, a … Continue reading “[Reading Room] “Ziggurat” by Stephen O’Connor”

[Writing Prompt] Descriptive Writing

These prompts are designed to help you go further with your daily story than a simple ‘idea’ might. If you’re having trouble coming up with that idea, check out the Story Sparks post. Today we’re going to focus on your descriptive writing. Every story has some sort of description in it[1. Unless you’re writing some … Continue reading “[Writing Prompt] Descriptive Writing”

[Writing Prompt] Second Person

Continuing this week’s theme of POV prompts, here is today’s prompt: Write a Story In Second Person This is probably the least-used of all the points of view and with good reason. It’s not one we’re used to reading because it’s tricky and informal and potentially distracting. So what is ‘second person’? It’s when the … Continue reading “[Writing Prompt] Second Person”

[Reading Room] The Fog Horn by Ray Bradbury

I came a little late to the stories of Ray Bradbury and that’s probably a good thing. I was much too literal as a teenager and probably wouldn’t have known what to make of his fantastic, thought-provoking, stories with their lyrical language. When I did discover his writing, of course, I had my mind blown … Continue reading “[Reading Room] The Fog Horn by Ray Bradbury”

[Reading Room] “Goodbye and Good Luck” by Grace Paley

I’ll tell you this up-front: I’m an optimist, a romantic. I like my heroes larger than life and my endings to, well, end. I get impatient with stories that are just like life: a little change here and there, but then they just stop and life goes on. I can appreciate stories like that. I … Continue reading “[Reading Room] “Goodbye and Good Luck” by Grace Paley”

Climbing Mount Revision One Step At A Time

As we sit here, there are only seven days left in May. Seven more stories and then you’re free to take a break, keep writing, set your stories on fire or, preferably revise them into works of genius. To help you out with that latter option I’ve recruited Gabriela Pereira from DIYMFA.com to give you … Continue reading “Climbing Mount Revision One Step At A Time”

[Prompt] May 14 – Fish Out Of Water

After last week’s character focus, this week’s prompts are going to focus on different plot archetypes. First up: the fish out of water story. This ties in nicely with the focus on character, since the fish out of water story lays a great emphasis on the characters – either the alien character, or the ones … Continue reading “[Prompt] May 14 – Fish Out Of Water”

[Write On Wednesday] Trapped

The Write On Wednesday story prompts are designed to prompt quickly-written stories that you can share in the comments. It’s a warm-up exercise, to loosen up your creativity muscles. Come back every Wednesday to see a new prompt. If you’d like more accountability, support and structure as you warm up your writing for StoryADay May … Continue reading “[Write On Wednesday] Trapped”

[Write On Wednesday] Story Sparks

“Where do you get your ideas?” Every established writer has a tale to tell about being asked that question. Some of them lie and tell people they order them from an Idea store. Some wearily answer that they think really hard until the ideas come. Still others joyfully shout that ideas are everywhere, what are you crazy? … Continue reading “[Write On Wednesday] Story Sparks”