Generating Interest -Warm Audience

The Template

(not the final image)



Tones to use

Earnest, contrarian, snarky, funny, rebellious, frustrated

Call To Action:

Leave a comment; respond to a survey/poll; get on a waiting list




Story: starting in the middle of the action, perhaps with an unexpected or surprising line of dialogue (e.g. “I don’t care if I ever get published,” It was a bold statement to make from the stage of the country’s foremost publishing industry conference…”)


Pivot: to their needs: explain how the shift in beliefs can be theirs and/or how it can affect their success (“Four years ago Janine could never have imagined being happy or feeling successful without that publishing contract. Now, every morning, as she reaches for her notebook she understands that success is hers for the taking, every day. And it can be yours too, simply by doing these three things…”)

Call To Action: Let the know there’s a way for them to find out more about this topic e.g. “I’m putting together a new training on this, so watch your inbox/add yourself to the waiting list now”; “leave me a comment and I’ll respond to my five favorites in an upcoming post/podcast”; “I want to know what you think. Answer my 2-questions survey here…”)


Top Tip : When you’re going against the status quo it’s effective to let your frustration show with the ‘common wisdom’ (which you know to be wrong). You’re frustrated with bad advice from people who aren’t really experts, and not with your audience, who has no reason to know better.

This allows your personality to show through as well as demonstrating your authority and compassion for them.



[this is where an example email would be]