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from StoryADay‘s Julie Duffy

Who will you be–and what will you create–in the next year, with a consistent writing habit in place?

  • Feel the relief of finishing stories that satisfy you and delight readers
  • Enjoy the rock-solid identity of “writer”
  • Regularly experience the high of losing time to the writing flow 
Step into endless inspiration and creativity with weekly short story prompts and coaching, right in your inbox
"I am feeling transformed. It had been decades since I'd completed a short story. I am so incredibly grateful to you and the work you do, Julie. I have a goal to write and revise a story each week and have at least one ready for submission in two months. Thank you so much "
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Barbara Torrey Workman​

Write one short story a week…at the end of the year you have 52 short stories, and I defy you to write 52 bad ones. Can’t be done.

Bonus 1: Draft In A Day Short Story Workshop

Draft in a Day

Work through the Short Story Framework in real time, with advice from Julie Duffy, so your words don’t stop flowing, and your story keeps moving.

Re-watch any time you want to draft a new story and go from ‘idea’ to ‘the end’ every time! 

Bonus 2: Accountability Group Guidance 


accountabilityThe secret to creating real accountability with a triad of other people in your life who want to get moving on their own stuff (even if they’re not writers). 

A step-by-step PDF guide to make accountability low stress and achievable, and help your buddies become more productive, too!

Stop waiting. Start writing.
Today, not “someday”!

Frequently Asked Questions

It runs separately from them. It is for people who love a little accountability and want to be writing more, but don’t just want to cram it all into one or two months a year. You can still sign up for the challenges, and you will ALSO keep receiving these deep-diving weekly writing explorations.

No. This is a separate, add-on that you can benefit from whether or not you’re ready for the Superstars group.

You can find out more about the Superstars here

Depending on when you sign up, you might be eligible for bonus content.

But I have a tendency to give you free stuff whenever I come up with something good, so don’t worry about missing out!

Sort of. I’ve been sharing writing prompts during StoryADay challenges and fitfully during the rest of the year, since 2010. 

Now I’m sharing that expertise in a more structured, consistent way, with people who want to make progress in their storytelling.

 I think it’s time we both took this a bit more seriously, don’t you?

Well, aren’t you nice?

I don’t have a gift option yet, but if enough people are interested, I’ll figure it out.

The story prompts will arrive in your inbox on Wednesdays, meaning you can start writing straight away, or noodle over the possibilities for a few days if you’re a weekend writer.

You can see a sample (Issue 1) here.

You can also browse some of the 540+ writing prompts at StoryADay, or you can subscribe for a month and see what you think. If, however, you have been following me for a while and like what you read, but STILL aren’t writing regularly, maybe it’s time to invest in yourself…and this newsletter!


Read more about how to do that, here

If you follow the instructions, you’ll continue to receive newsletters up to the end of your paid-for period.

(If you click ‘unsubscribe’, there’s nothing I can do!)

You can read the legal terms here but basically: “maybe?”

You can cancel at any time, but if you meant to and forgot, you can get a refund by emailing support@storyaday.org within 30 days for the annual subscription or within 7 days for the monthly/quarterly subscription. (Because I’m not a monster.)

No. These prompts are for you to play within the safety of your own sandbox.

With regard to creative matters, Gandalf had it right: “keep it secret, keep it safe”. 

You don’t have to show your writing to anyone until you’re ready.

Having said that, as your writing begins to flow, you’re going to want to share it. If you keep writing to the prompts, in just a few months, you will have a stack of varied stories available for StoryADay’s Critique Week and some other sharing opportunities I’m working on. And you’ll have stories read for contests and publications, and maybe your own self-published projects.

The plan is to send out a prompt every week, but that doesn’t mean you have to use my prompt every week. Have a super idea of your own for a story? Archive my email and use it another time! 

You’ll never ‘fall behind’ because I don’t expect you to use every prompt.

What I want is us both to turn up every week, and commit a little time to your writing practice, weekly, throughout each season of the year.





The prompts really sparked creativity. I was able to make them my own in a way that really solidified my own voice as a writer. That gave me the most confidence.
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Sarah M.
Confident Writer
It gave me the clarity to forgive myself and not make such stringent demands of my writing. That moment of liberating myself from my own obnoxious expectations made my writing more enjoyable, more plentiful, and better.
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Liberated Writer
I learned to push my boundaries, not only consistently writing outside of my preferred time but also writing stories outside of my preferred genre. I feel energized to keep writing!
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Michele Reisinger
Energized Writer
I got far more confident in my writing. And I now have got a whole Notebook filled with stories that I came up with and that´s a pretty good feeling. An amazing experience!
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Confident Writer
Invaluable in stretching you to the limits of creativity. You come up with ideas you never suspected were inside you.
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Productive Writer
I'm feeling very accomplished. I surprised myself with the variety of stories that came out of me!
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Accomplished Writer