SWAGr Tracking Worksheet – Your Key To Accountability and Productivity

Every month we get together to declare our intentions for the month in the SWAGr post’s comments.

But when the month rolls around to the 20th or so, it can be a bit hard to remember what you committed to doing this month.

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7 thoughts on “SWAGr Tracking Worksheet – Your Key To Accountability and Productivity”

  1. OK, so it’s not writing as such. Research how to structure and plot a novel. So far my attempts have been abysmal. Research the Elizabethan era for the background. Plan/structure my story… Oh and write some poems, including one set as a challenge for me by a friend.

    1. Research and planning are definitely part of the writing process, just as long as you keep implementing and don’t get stuck in a research rabbit hole 😉

      I’ve also struggled with novel structure (it’s just so much info!) and the book I’ve found most helpful are “Save the Cat Writes A Novel” by Jessica Brody, and “Million Dollar Outlines” by Dave Farland. On the off-chance that you’re writing Romance, “Romancing the Beat” by Gwen Hayes is very good. Also: Writing Excuses is an excellent podcast by working novelists and it has extensive archives…

      Good luck!

  2. Last month:
    Story A Day—Done!
    Drop out of something—Done!

    This month:
    Novel—Seriously, I need to get this done.
    Batfic—Finish, hopefully before it gets much longer.
    Exchanges—Get done.
    Anthology—Ask for extension, oh god.
    Zine—Oh god, write something.

    So, uh, I guess this month’s goal is to catch up on all the things I didn’t do last month.

  3. I am living my goal of writing nearly a story of 3000 or more a day. I am editing my manuscript as well as keeping up with my teaching requirements. I am a lucky guy for having this time to do what I want to do in my writing. I am trying to make the most of what I’ve got.

  4. I work at an auction. Last November I rescued a good old Royal magic margins typewriter from the key-choppers. Then he rescued me — from procrastinating, boredom, and the mindless glow of an empty computer screen. As a goal, I’d like to make at least 1 short story a week this year.

  5. Goals: Last month I went to CampNanowrimo, with the goal of finishing the novel that I began during the June Story-A-Day challenge. Added 50K to the book and edited it. It’s now posted on Amazon on a preorder ending 8-17, as French Waif by J.R.Biery. Now have a few beta readers to give me feedback but could use more early readers and reviewers if anyone is interested. This month I plan to map out another series, perhaps the children in Valley of Shadows, or perhaps a short mystery novel or two. Undecided, still cleaning up last novel, rewriting first in Castle Hart series, Scattered Seeds. Love writing, appreciate the support. Happy writing to all.

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