Day 5 – The End (or is it?)

Today’s task is to write the ending of this story.

You probably want the events of the resolution and climax, (the ‘something changes’) and the ending to be close together.

And the ending doesn’t need a lot of words.

So you really don’t have a ton of work to day today.

The momentum has gone out of the story after the ‘something changes’ is resolved, and now you simply want to spend a moment with the reader, letting them have their “Oh WOW” moment before they turn the page. 

The purpose of the ending is to 

  • Reinforce the meaning of what’s come before
  • Validate the emotions you’ve stirred up in the reader
  • Pull the rug out from under them with a piece of information that changes their understand of everything that’s come before, and/or
  • Give them a moment to breathe and enjoy it…and think about how amazing you are!

(No pressure, right?)

Bonus tip 

When you have finished the ending, go back and look at your opening. 

Can you:

  • Add foreshadowing?
  • Make the ‘story question’ more obvious to the reader? 
  • Add some character traits: a gesture, some language they always use, something else?
  • Insert some imagery (colors, metaphors, other symbols) that you will go on to use in the story?

This is where you earn your reputation for being a brilliant writer (“How did she do that? Start the story with that image that kept cropping up and ended up being so meaningful? What a genius!”). 

I promise not to tell the reader that you added it later, if you don’t!

A Surprise Invitation

I almost never do this, but tomorrow I’ll be inviting you to submit your story to me for some feedback.

I’m not promising to give feedback on every story or to critique them in their entirety. 

But I am looking for stories I can use to highlight ways that you’re writing well, and ways we all might strengthen a draft.

On Saturday you’re invited to an event where I’ll share some portion of a few stories and review them with an eye to making us all better writers.

Will you commit to sending me your story? However first-draft-y? However unfinished? Will you commit to taking this next step on the path to being a writer: sharing your work?

I hope you will

Come back TOMORROW (Thursday) for some tips on how to get your story ready to submit and for a big, friendly button you can push to submit your story.

Then show up on Saturday (watch your email for that invitation) to see if i have anything to say about your story.

(Not all stories will be chosen (I expect quite a flood) and I won’t share the whole story. A replay will be available for a few days.)


You made it to Day 5.

I am so proud of you.

I knew you could do this (even if you didn’t)

I believe that you can spend some time today finishing your story, and tomorrow getting it ready to send to me. 

I hope to see you back here tomorrow, and again on Saturday.

 Keep writing,


PS Bring a friend! You know, that friend who’s always saying they want to write but never actually does anything about it? Yeah, bring that friend!