Day 09 – Pick Your “Win”

Today we’re going to review how far you’ve come and pick a ‘win’ for the month

Now that you’ve been acting like a writer for a whole week, I am inviting you to pick your ‘win’ for the rest of this challenge.

It may seem odd for me to ask you to revisit your goals for the challenge, one week in, but here’s the thing: our expectations of how a project will go rarely match reality.

If we allow uninformed expectations to dictate whether a project is succeeding, we end up with a lot of abandoned projects.

I don’t want that for you.

So, you may have come into this thing, thinking you were going to
write a perfect draft that you could immediately send out to publications
finish a story in the first five days, then do three more over the month
be able to turn up every day and complete the tasks first thing in the morning
never skip a day and have to catch up

There are so many ways your expectations might not have been met…and yet you might still be succeeding.

Today I want you to pick a realistic, achievable (and yes, it can still be ambitious) ‘win’ for this month.

It might look something like one of these:

I will complete all the tasks even if I don’t do them all on the right days
I will allow myself to write an imperfect first draft
I will leave a comment every day, recording how the challenge is going for me and what I’m learning

Write one ‘win’ now, the leave a comment letting us know what it is (if this is comfortable for you. Otherwise, just say ‘I did it”, print out your bingo token, and get on with the rest of your day!)

I’m so glad you’re still here. Turning up over and over again for your writing is going to result in a healthy writing practice that makes you happy. Scientific fact (*not actually verified in clinical trials, but c’mon!)

Bonus Task:

In my I, WRITER short story course, I use “I, WRITER” as an acronym for the parts of a writing practice we are always striving to master. “T” stands for Triumph because (actual scientific fact, via Prof. BJ Fogg of Stanford University), if you want to create and stick to a new habit, an important part of the process is celebrating EVERY SINGLE TIME you do the habit.

So consider picking a simple celebration you’ll do every time you complete one of these tasks, leave a comment and/or add a token to your bingo card (honestly: adding the token to your bingo card can BE the celebration. It’s still and fun and easy). Other options: fist-pump the air; give yourself a hug; do a little victory dance; smile.

Leave a comment telling us how today’s task went

Here’s your next Bingo Piece. Download the pic, print it out and paste it onto your bingo sheet. Then share a picture of it on social media with #storyadaybingo