The Spark

Fun-Size Challenge Entrance

We’re easing towards this challenge gently.

There’s a lot that goes into writing a story so we’re not going to rush into things.

During the fun-size challenge I’ll help you brainstorm and write a story, but today, it’s all about ideas.

Start Gathering Story Sparks 

Story Sparks are my term for all those little ‘huh!’ moments that make your writer brain curious. 

They’re not as big as a ‘story idea’, they’re just those moments or questions that make an impact on you.

Today I’d like you to write down 3 Story Sparks, as you go through your day.

Here’s a foldable booklet for people who’d like something to carry around with them. Print this “full bleed” and use these instructions to fold your booklet.

Pop it in your pocket or your bag, and carry it with you.

Story Sparks you might catch

  • The exact sound made by the creaky floorboard by your bed
  • The smell of the air outside
  • A line from an overheard conversation
  • A description of an old house you pass
  • A line from a song
  • A stray memory

Bonus points if you include some sensory details or one really descriptive word that will bring the moment rushing back when you look over your Sparks.

I recommend you collect 3 sparks every day for a whole week and see what it does for your creativity. (You can read more about this, here. And here’s how one veteran StoryADay writer uses her Story Sparks booklets.)

Come back and leave a comment letting us know one of your Story Sparks from today.

2 thoughts on “The Spark”

  1. I hope to have some completed short stories which I have been trying to write for a collection of 25 short stories for one book.
    These will be my first completed short stories.
    I’ve been struggling to get back into my writing lately after the passing of my husband six months ago.
    Wish me luck – I am hoping this will be the start of my return to regular writing.

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