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Let me know how if you used the short story framework and how inevitable it seems now, that you might write some stories….leave a comment below:

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22 thoughts on “!LP writer code 2”

  1. I like the simplicity of the formula.

    I plan to fill out one of formulas in the evening and rise at 5:00 am to write.

  2. Thank you, Julie, for this simple and clear short story framework. I’ve seen it in another guise (below), but it offered no advice or encouragement of how to get from a beginning to an ending. Your video was replete with advice and encouragement. I understand using the framework enough now to try it out – today!

    Older framework – meant for screenwriting, but still applies to all stories. I don’t remember where I got it.

    Once upon a time, [something happens]:
    Every day, [something happens]:
    One day, [something unusual happens]:
    Because of that, [something intense happens]:
    Because of that, [something even more intense happens]:
    Until finally, [the conflict resolves]:

  3. I love the framework. I am not a fiction writer, but chose your program based on a great recommendation and a desire to broaden my horizons.
    I’m generally pretty intimidated by the idea of “imagining” a story (my poor grandchildren), but your framework makes it much less intimidating. Now, to get out of my own head, and WRITE!

  4. I appreciate you. I know have the framework. Thank you! Know I Need to sit and make myself write.

  5. I thrive off of structure, so a framework for writing is right up my ally! I do have to worry about strictly sticking to it and letting myself use it just as a framework and not as The Rule. This will help me get in the groove for writing short stories as I think they’re magical that so much can be told in so little words (novel and blog writer here!) thanks Julie!

    1. Ah, we’re at opposite ends of the spectrum, then. I rebel against structure (believe it or not)!

      Yes, yes! Make sure you remind yourself that frameworks, formulas, prompts, and limits are all just there are suggestions and troubleshooting tools. If your writing takes off, run after it!

  6. Hi again Julie,
    I struggled a little with this one as I’ve not thought about this before but it works but I ‘don’t know if I got there in the end. What do you think, is this OK? Do I now use this as below to fill in the extra details about in the story to make it whatever length is or might be appropriate?
    “An obnoxious neighbour is skulking around sending malicious emails about the President of the local community so that he can hopefully depose her and because of that he creates a web of deceit and lies about her and her family and because of that he thinks he will gain control of the Community himself until his poorly disguised handwriting is recognised by his wife on a note that he anonymously posts in the President’s mailbox and now he finds that truths are being revealed about his past and that he is ensnared in a trap much worse than that he had ever thought about inflicting on his victim. Will he even be able to stay in this Community?”
    It was prompted from true events!

    1. I like it. You have the character motivation down. Now I wonder what would happen if you go through it again, this time choosing a specific action for each “and because of that”? (E.g.: he had spent so much time online spying on his neighbors that he had ignored his wife’s pleas to help her hook up the new printer. And because of that he has a screaming match with said printer while trying to print out his threats. The printer sat blinking impassively at him. And because of that he scrawled his note with the first pen he could find- his wife’s precious MontBlanc, charged up with her custom blended ruby-red ink…and because of THAT…. etc).

      That way you have concrete actions you can illustrate his character through, and entertain the reader at the same time.

      Does that make sense?

  7. I must admit, I was a little sceptical about the StADaSSFramework until you explained and I began working through it. Now I’m excited as to the possibilities. It even works for my genre (science fiction). Off to brainstorm now:-)

  8. I dedicated a notebook to story sparks. Four days straight so far.
    The framework is so helpful. I realized my stories have been missing the, “and because of that…”

  9. When looking at the different kinds of short form fiction (flash fiction, micro-fiction, short story) would you just use a different number of “because of that” sections (or dominoes, as you called it in your video)?

    1. Yes! For flash it might be just one…a longer story might have many. A list story might IMPLY as many as there are items on the list!

  10. Julia,

    I have had short stories published before, but I HAVE “suffered” from both of the conditions you mentioned in Lesson 1 … namely, (1) I write occasionally, but not frequently, and sometimes it’s a struggle, and (2) even when I do write them, sometimes my stories don’t seem to “work.”

    I’ve read your short story framework before, but have never used it … but now, after hearing this lesson, I believe I know what (one of) my problem is – I’m writing about a situation, but not a character with a specific and articulated desire that drives the story forward.

    I have ideas for stories and I pledge to use the framework for 2-3 of them, so that I can flesh out the stories.


    1. Sounds like a breakthrough. Good stuff!

      Yeah, I realized I was enjoying the writing a little too much, and not crafting a compelling story. This framework isn’t the only way to do that, but it’s a starting point for some, and a kind of troubleshooting tool for others.

      Glad you hear you’re going to brainstorm 2-3. Care to put a deadline on that?

      1. Absolutely, Julie! By May 2 (normally, I’d do the end of a month, but I really need that extra weekend!

  11. First, I love the pencil. Second, I love the necklace.
    Third. I have tried to fill out the framework several times and always got stuck right at the beginning. So, I have these conversation dice and decided to use them. They have nouns and verbs and adjectives. It got me started. I managed to get the framework filled in. I am going to try to do one each day and save them for May. (Right now I am scrambling to finish a revision pass on my WIP – StoryADayMay is my reward for getting it done)

    1. That’s a fabulous plan: filling out one each day. Also using StoryADay May as your reward to get through the revision (which can take a little incentive).

      Funny story about the pencil: I put it in my hair to record that, and COMPLETELY forgot it was there until about 5 hours later when I was sitting around with my husband, who is so used to me after 26 years that he never even asked about it. 🙂

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