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What kinds of groups have you engaged with in the past? What do you think you might look for next?….leave a comment below:

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12 thoughts on “!LP writer code 3”

  1. Both lessons 2 and 3 are refusing to open on my side. I struggled with lesson 1 and saw it through, but 2 and 3 just froze.

    I envy all the “writers’ who are building their creativity and writing muscles with you. They are busily encoding the code.

    Thank you. I wish all the enthusiasts for your content all the best.

    I hope to learn as I read their POSITIVE comments.


    Soso Mweendo, Writer.

  2. I belong to a critique group and a writer’s guild that has speakers once a month and publishes a book once a year. Not sure where to go next, or if I need to. I find the story a day prompts interesting and useful. While I don’t seem to have a problem coming up with my own ideas the prompts have made me explore areas I would not have ventured into. It can be very surprising what my mind does, and it’s fun.

  3. Julie, I can relate…. I have been journaling for years to keep my sanity. I did take a writing course about 20 years ago that I really enjoyed. Criticisms were harsh at times; I know it made me pay more attention and write better. Looking forward to this opportunity to try at life…Again. One more time. Thank you. 🙌

  4. Heyyyyyy. I like being a “Mastermind.” Being a “Superstar” sometimes makes me feel like an imposter. “Mastermind” implies control over my own destiny, while at the same time implying collaboration with other Masterminds. I agree with Heidi. The group is supportive, professional, and compassionate. And no one (so far) is full of themselves. I’ve said it before: Joining was the best decision I’ve made as a writer.

    1. Well, I think you’re all “Superstars”, but it was always a bit tongue-in-cheek. “Mastermind” sounds more serious to me, because I’m British and grew up with a very somber quiz show of that name on TV! 🙂

  5. I have been going it alone, very much a start and stop process. This time I am working hard on establishing habits, so less thinking and dithering, more doing. I have always thought I am too much of a beginner to need a writing group. Now I am learning a different way to write, working hard to create a different mindset. I may not have written a novel but I have written blog posts, flash fiction and journal every day. I am doing the May A Story A Day to pave the way to working on a book. It is scary to think of myself as a writer, I feel like I need to earn the title.

    1. “Too much of a beginner”? I don’t think it matters so much where you’re starting as what you’re willing to put into it. Want to go further, faster? Hang out with other people who are Doing The Thing.

      I’m a big fan of not being the smartest person in the room… 🙂

  6. Julie, this resonated with me so much! I was part of a writers’ group for years with a critic who eventually caused me to leave the group. Engagement with a healthy, supportive group is one of my core needs right now. How can I check out your Mastermind community? Thanks!

  7. Julie,
    This is great! I’m so glad that I found you and Story A Day last October and have made it my Mastermind Group this Spring. The environment is supportive, professional and compassionate.

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