Your Winner’s Certificate May 2022

Reward yourself!

winner 2022

You’ve put in the hard work and now you get to reward yourself with a snazzy certificiate.

And yes, you can award yourself this certificate if you ‘completed’ the challenge in any way that made sense to you (no need to have shown up every day, if that was not your personal challenge)

Congratulations and I look forward to seeing what’s next in your writing journey.

And if you really want to celebrate, treat yourself to some winner’s swag!

Keep writing,

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Julie Duffy, Founder & Director, StoryADay

7 thoughts on “Your Winner’s Certificate May 2022”

  1. Julie, Thank you for this May challenge. It supported me to keep going on my year-long quest (and life-long quest) to write for at least 30-minutes a day. I have lots of wonderful prompts to refer back to now as well as I continue to write. Really enjoyed all of these. Thank you again!

  2. Thank you Julie for the fun sized challenge! It was still hard to work into my life and work but worth it. Thanks very much

  3. Julie – Thanks for the support via this May challenge. I LOVE the way the challenge was structured this time! I got a lot of writing done and continue to claim the title “writer”. I was also true to what I learned earlier this year; if I’m working on a play it’s best for me to stay with that structure. Otherwise, my head spins !!! Thanks!

  4. My purpose for participating in StoryADay May was to get past my writer’s block that I was experiencing on my WIP. Not only did I accomplish that goal, but I wrote more than I have since my mother died 16 years ago. Mine is a reignited soul, and I thank you, Julie, for all you have done for my writing life. Write on!

  5. My reason for taking this challenge has been purely to rekindle my love for writing in a way that I can write, regularly, and not feel guilty for doing so after my husband’s death from lung cancer. I did not achieve much in respect of the tasks but I read every email and watched every video (and made some notes) so, I can catch up for the rest of the year LOL.

    Guaranteed you will see me at this lovely May Challenge course again next year. I hope to be able to complete more real-time next year but for now, this has been just the tonic I needed.

    Thank you Julie

    1. GOOD FOR YOU, CRYSTAL! I’m SURE your husband is PROUD!
      I remembered your comment on day one to be able to do this, and have been ROOTING for you! I will continue to do so! KEEP ON WRITING ON!!! 😉

  6. HI Julie
    Thanks very much for your inspiration over the last month. It was fun to work on a small challenge very day and put emphasis on the other things that need to be done besides the actual writing. I worked on the first chapter of a novel and began the second chapter, so I am feeling pumped to continue working on this.

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