Take the 3-Day Challenge

How would you like to spend the weekend writing with me?

I’m Julie Duffy. You probably know me as the host of the StoryaDay writing challenge, a wonderful, month-long outpouring of creativity. Today I’m inviting you to give a little part of three days this over coming weekend to put some time into building your writing practice.

Asking The Right Questions

When people ask me questions about writing they’re usually focused on specific tactics or skills. “How do I start a story” or “What length should it be?” or “how do i make people care about my characters more”. And those things are important but learning about them in the abstract doesn’t make you a better writer.

Writing does.

Creativity Is An Action

At StoryADay I teach people like you how to honor your creativity as a process, with a practice that will make it easier for you to find the answers you need when you need them. and become a better writer as a byproduct of getting to play with your imaginary friends.

Instead of spending this weekend distracted by the news or fretting that your writing’s not ‘good enough’, you could spend it with me, learning to write short stories, but more importantly, teaching yourself that you can be a writer.

What Is The 3-Day Challenge?

In this 3-Day Challenge we’ll talk about how to write short stories,

  • what makes a killer opening,
  • how to write a strong middle and
  • crafting a satisfying ending,

but more than that, you’ll prove to yourself how easy it can be to do the work even if you’re not in the mood…and in fact, that doing the work will

  • generate better feelings,
  • stimulate more creativity,
  • motivate you to increase your skills the only way that works: while you’re writing.


Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

You can’t hope you’re going to wake up one day and be the brilliant writer you know you could be.

You have to just start.

And you have to show up. 

Join The 3-Day Challenge

And I know that, sometimes, showing up is easier when someone else creates the structure.

So, I created the 3 Day Challenge.

Bonus Coaching Call

if you do it now, you’ll be invited to a special, bonus, live coaching session next week, where you can ask me your questions face to face.

My Challenge To You

Creative people shape our culture.

We change the world.

You have a calling.

But you can’t just wait for inspiration to strike.

You have to figure out how to practice your art day after day, year after year.

Only you can figure out how to make it work for you, in your life…

…but you don’t have to do it alone.

Let’s get started this weekend, with the 3-Day Challenge.


Extra Bonus

Oh, and one more thing; I’m going to be running a longer course in the next couple of months, and you’ll be able to apply the cost of the 3-Day Challenge to that course. So really, you have nothing to lose.

Take the 3-Day Challenge Now

Let’s get some writing done this weekend.

Let’s get together and talk about it on that group coaching call next week. 

And let’s get started building the writing life you want to be living.

Click the link and I’ll see you inside.

3 Days, 3 Stories

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