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“Duffy offers digestible writing advice, plus bite-sized writing tasks to complete between episodes”
Bustle.com, 10 Podcasts by Writers To Get You Hyped For Your Next Project

“Julie Duffy offers very short episodes for very short writing with prompts and insightful tips.”
Writer’s Digest: Tune In: Best 23 Podcasts for Writers

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About The Podcast

Writers write. Professional writers write a lot.

The StoryADay (http://storyaday.org) challenge exists to help you learn how much you’re capable of writing in a month. The Write Every Day, Not “Some Day” podcast helps you figure out how to keep that commitment up for the rest of your life.

Each 10-15 minute episode tackles a particular topic and gives you a writing assignment to complete before the next episode.

Music credit: Alan McPike

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