How To Listen To A Podcast

What Is A Podcast?

It’s an audio file, like a little radio show, that comes out over the web, rather than over the air (sometimes it IS a radio show, that you can replay online)

How Do I Listen

You have a few options: stream it directly from the website to your phone/tablet or computer; or have new episodes delivered to you automatically on your mobile device or Alexa device.

Both are super-simple.

1. Fetch It From The Website

You can go to the home page of any podcast (in this case StoryADay’s Podcast and stream it from the page.

(Just press the little play button. Not on this, though. This is just a picture. If you want to listen to this episode, click here)

The upside: It’s easy

The downside: You have to remember to go and search for new episodes.

1b. Subscribe In An App

If you would like every new episode delivered to your smartphone or tablet, there is a one-times set up you must do, then you’ll automagically receive episodes every time they are released.

The upside: You can subscribe to lots of different podcasts, always have the latest episode on hand, and never be bored in the car or waiting in line again.

The downside: You have to do a little, one-time set up, which I can walk you through.

APPLE DEVICES: Download a podcast app (if you don’t already have one).

On iPhone, there is a built in app, called PODCASTS. You can use that or find one you like better (I really like Overcast)

  • Open the app
  • Tap on the ‘search’ button
  • Tap on “Add a podcast”
  • Type: http://storyaday.libsyn.com/rss
  • Click Subscribe

(If you use iTunes, you can also go into the iTunes store and search for the StoryADay podcast and subscribe to it through that. You can listen through the iTunes app or the podcasts app. Or click here

ANDROID DEVICES: If you have an android phone or tablet, you can use a podcast app called Stitcher (among others) and go through the same process.

Remember, search for ‘StoryADay podcast’ or, if it asks for a URL or web address, use http://storyaday.libsyn.com/rss

Or you can click here

1C. Tell Alexa “Start the StoryADay Podcast”

You’ll have to set this skill up one time by going to your Alexa app and enabling the skills, but after that, new episodes will be available simply by saying “Alexa, start the StoryADay Podcast”

If you have notifications turned on, your speaker will even remind you when there’s a new episode available!

2. Listen

Any time you want a little writing inspiration, open up your podcast app, and click on “StoryADay”, or ask Alexa to play The StoryADay Podcast. The latest episode should be right here for you, and you will be able to access the archives too.