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What To Expect During StoryADay’s Critique Week

Listen to me talk about critique, who’s involved, what people will tell you, what you should tell other people

The Power Of Being Vulnerable

There’s a vulnerability and trust in the act of sharing your work, that encourages deep connections to grow. Critique groups make you feel that vulnerability, but also the growth. Read more

The Joy of Revisions

Going into a critique group with a revised story is courteous and frees up your critique partners to address deeper issues than they might otherwise. Let’s learn to love revisions.

(Seriously, it’s not that bad. Think of it as the fine-grain polish that takes your story from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’!)

In this podcast episode I teach you how to learn to love ’em

A Process for Revisions

In this podcast episode I take you through a process for managing revisions that will be, if not painless, at least manageable.

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