I’ll let people who’ve been through the course tell you in their own words. And watch their faces while they do it. That lightness, that glow comes from their deep satisfaction at having embraced their writing and finally figured out how to make it work, for them. (It was so much fun, recording these interviews!)

This course will run:

Friday, Jan 28 – Thursday March 17, 2022.

Each module has one workshop, with exercises for you to complete, and one additional lesson, along with two writing assignments, one for a short story, one for a tiny story.

The exception is the final week when there is only one writing assignment.

You can download a PDF of the course map here.


The course is delivered in a dedicated online portal, with each lesson delivered in written as well as audio and video formats. There will be PDF downloads,

You can interact with other participants in the comments section of each module as well as in our  Zoom Q&A calls, which will be recorded and posted in the portal.

Take a Tour

You will continue to have access to this course and the recordings after the course ends.

Partly through the live calls and partly through the comments sections on the website. Even if you can’t make to the calls, the recordings can help you get to know everyone better (Hear Nuriesya talk about that here).

This course is more focused on creation than critique. I’ll be offering a Critique Week during our rest week,  which you’ll be invited to join for a small additional fee. You’ll get feedback from three other writers and you will read three stories.

  1. You’ll have access as long as I can make that happen. Every time I run a live version of the courseyou’ll be invited to go through the course again next time I run it live with a new cohort, at a small ‘refresher fee’
    In each live version we’ve had a mix of new writers and alumni, which should make for some great discussions!

So, even if you fall behind, or miss parts this time through, you’ll be able to go back and work through the course again alone at your own pace, or with the next group. (A lot of people find the group accountability very motivating. I know I do.)


Simply email info@storyaday.org within the first 14 days of the course and I’ll refund you fully, no questions asked.

I want you to be writing, and if this course isn’t the thing that gets you there, I want you to go and find the thing that is, as soon as possible.

I know how it feels to be frustrated as a writer, and I know the I, WRITER Course can help…

…because I’ve seen it take writers like: 

    • Jeff, a physics teacher who had walked away from his writing for too long, but is now writing regularly AND giving back by running the literary magazine at his high school; 
    • Janine, who needed to ward off the winter blues in the Southern Hemisphere (it worked!) and who joked that her spouse is a big fan of her new writing routine; 
    • Neha and Safiya, who released their first books.

If you’ve tried and failed before to establish a writing routine: I can’t promise you a magic solution. I can show you a framework that has helped a lot of people become the writer they knew they were meant to be. And you’ll get to hang out with some of them for the next couple of months if you join us in the I, WRITER Course, today.

What's Holding You Back?

  • What are you waiting for?
  • What’s pulling you to act now
  • What do you stand to lose if you keep waiting?

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