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Julie Duffy – Speaker, Writer, Creativity Coach

Masterful! Julie has the special ability to take important information and present it in an easily understandable and impactful way.

Gary Zenker, Mainline Writers’ Group President
Julie, writing
Julie Duffy

A frustrated creative writer-who-wasn’t-writing, Julie Duffy challenged herself to write a StoryADay in May 2010.

Since then thousands of writers have joined her each May (and lately in September too), to prove to themselves that they can make creativity a priority in their lives.

Now, she leads her community of writers at StoryADay, and is a sought-after guest speaker on topics related to creativity, productivity and community. She brings her native Scottish charm and humor to all her guest spots, whether at writers’ groups, conferences, blogs, webinars, or on livestreams and podcasts.

Short Bio

Julie Duffy is a writer, and the host of StoryADay, a writing challenge and community she founded in 2010. She has written for Writer’s Digest Magazine and other national publications. Her short fiction has been featured in anthologies in print and online. Originally from Scotland she lives in lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and, occasionally, their two college-aged offspring.

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“That has to be one of my favorite answers…ever”

Srinivas Rao, host


Change Your Life In 30 Days

Lessons from 15 years of running month-long writing challenges, including:

  • Can you really write a story a day for a month, and why would you?
  • Who should (and shouldn’t) take part in a creative challenge like this?
  • What should creative folk be doing the other 11 months of the year?

Mini Writing Workshop: Flash Fiction Essentials

What makes Flash, flash? Can anybody write it, and why would they want to? Help your writer-audience master this versatile form.

Mini Writing Workshop: You CAN Write A Story in 40 Minutes

So often, writers wait for the perfect time or situation, to start writing. Let me show your audience how to bust blocks with my tried-and-true Short Story Framework.

Don’t Go It Alone!

A inspiring discussion about the importance of community and accountability when chasing a big goal–and how even an introverted writer makes it work. With lessons drawn from 10 years of writing a StoryADay in May, and beyond.

Creativity (and Productivity) in Times of Chaos

A lively discussion about the challenges of being productive as a creative. From writing with little kids underfoot, to running a global writing challenge, to writing with a house full of people during vacations and pandemics, Julie Duffy brings 10 years of good-humored productivity and creativity experience to your podcast. Your audience will come away energized and excited to get productive in the projects that matter to them. Plus, you can request 3 tips tailored to your audience.

We leapt at the chance to have her with us.

Therese Walsh, Founder, WriterUnboxed.com

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