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(specifically, the short stories we wrote during StoryADay May)

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StoriesSummaryAbout The Writers
This Is The EndAs the oceans flood coastal cities, a wealthy couple waits to die in their posh New York apartment.
Sarah Cain
ShakespeareWhat happens when someone being photographed attacks the photographer?
CJ Renee
, recommended by Chris Stolle
More Lines Left To WriteOur prompt for this particular day was to do something with the number 215 (as that's how many days were left in the year at that time). I chose two popular poems and one somewhat unknown poem and used the 215th line from each one to write three interwoven vignettes. I don't want to give anything away, but I think the pattern employed will become clear, especially on a second or third reading.
Chris Stolle
Monster, PuppetA hardened private dick takes a on case that he hopes will give him a hand up. It does, but in an unexpected way.
Christopher Berry
One Last PerformanceRainy Lawson is an eighteen year old figure skater who is giving a last emotional performance before she must move on without something that has come to mean so much to her. When visiting the grave of her father after the performance, she finds that mysterious things happen when we least expect it.
Christi Babe
Prince CharmingIt is the night of the Senior Prom, and Cindy is not going. Just when she let her thoughts go back to the new boy at school, the one she should have asked to go with her, he was suddenly standing there...
Sandra St. James
Project ShakespeareAlex is an astronaut 22,000 miles from home in a floating tin can. The rocket boosters have failed, his food supply is almost exhausted. How did he get here? What happens next?
Malcolm Richardson
How I Helped Ray Recover his HealthAn American driver in England may be a danger not only to himself - at least through the eyes of an Englishman. Some may find it humorous. Ray did not.
Alan Kehr
BurningAfter the end of the world, everyone does their best to pick up the pieces - both rebuilding society and rebuilding relationships.Jack Vivace
La casa del árbolTwo brothers face their parents' divorce together. It's a story about love and family they are very important for us even when we can't see it, and that is...actually always.
Mad Mike
The RabbitsThe Rabbits is a glimpse at the beginning of the end. If you enjoy viral apocalyptic fiction and timid wildlife animals turned rabid, you'll enjoy this story of a mother protecting her child.Amanda Makepeace
Let Me BeA quiet boy watches a bully picking on a younger child...Florence
Yesterday"Messrs. Today, Tomorrow, and Scaffolding, producers and marketers of lost time. They specialized in time wasted and things left unsaid, the soiled things found behind seat cushions if one knew where to look..."
Stone ManA beautifully-written story with a strong image of a character and his troubles. Roberta Gray (recommended by Lalage)
I Never Told AnyoneConfessions to a loved one might start small, but will they stay that way?
Juanita McLellan
Closing In"Every family has a secret: that little something that makes them behave quite queerly at times...
My neighbors were hiding something too...
Piorre Hart
The Birth Of A Super VillainHe is every writer's nemesis: that super villain who may appear at any moment to throw water all over the writing fire.
Julie Jordan Scott
City TraderJanet is transporting some very precious cargo in return for a good payout, but as the train pulls into the station she is beginning to wonder if this is the kind of woman she wants to be.
With only distant memories of home to comfort her, Aurelia is forced to think on her feet and learn how to trade in this strange new City if she is to have any chance of survival. Will either of these women come out on top? Just how much will be lost?
Vanessa Matthews
Last WordsA sister's reaction when her brother leaves for military servicePat Dagget
LegProsthetic legs are starting to look so pretty, aren't they?
Flying PotionThree witches plan an escape from Whitechapel after depleting it of a "natural resource."
Thaddeus Howze
Story 369The inspiration for a classic painting, explored...Amber Heyward, recommended by Thaddeus Howze
CustomsOn my first trip to Cuba I made a bad call when packing. What doesn't kill us, gives a good stories, right?
Donna Barker

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