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A celebration of the stories we wrote during StoryADay May 2018
Story GenreSummaryThe Author
Man Murdered By Tree In Minnesota Forest, Day21Action/AdventureA newspaper article about a man and his tangled relationship with a tree with a salty past.A budding workplace romance gets tested by the Corporations deadly antics. TammyB
In For A PennyHumor/NoirWhen a beautiful dame walks into this private investigator's office, we know we're about to embark on a sweet noir adventure.Almo Schumann recommended by Julie Duffy
Fear and Loathing In LaGrangeGeneralA gonzo journalist interviews a murderer who insists she meant no harm -- based on a fairy tale.Marian Allen
SatellitesScience Fiction/SpeculativeEvery person who walks through the world causes ripples. This is a story about those ripples.Julie Duffy
The 16th StoryScience Fiction/SpeculativeIn a story told entirely in dialog, the reader comes to realize the argument between a husband and wife over packing is really about so much more.Marta Pelrine-Bacon, recommended by Marian Allen
Caveat EmptorScience Fiction/SpeculativeWe've all heard of selling a soul, but would you buy one?Fleet Sparrow, recommended by Julie Duffy
The To Do List (scroll to end for story)HumorWhat do you get when you mix a school dance, a pet monster, and a loyal twin hell-bent on revenge? A very interesting to-do list.Sarah Cy
Apple GirlFantasyShe overcame her fear of apples and joined the circus. A death reveals who she really is.Marta Pelrine-Bacon
The Door To McDonaldsScience Fiction/SpeculativeWhat if you bought coupons from a homeless man and tried to use them at McDonald's? You'd be surprised! Marian Allen, recommended by Marta Pelrine-Bacon
City of Dreams City of AngelsNon-Fiction/MemoirIt was a city that I’d moved to out of necessity as a milestone of aging. And I hated it, at first.L.C. Krähe
Happy Birthday, ValerieHumorThree friends work together on a unique birthday present, with unexpected results.Jessica Allyson
The Final PushHumorA brief tale about when being a blowhard CEO really sucksDave Harper Recommended by Julie Duffy
A Gap In The TrafficGeneralAn old man hasn't left the house in a long time following an accident. Today, he may have to.David Wells
Sati (Burning of the Widow)GeneralSati pratha or burning of the widow tradition was prevalent during the 16th century in India.

This story takes you inside the lives of these women.
Sally Chowdhary
The Continuity of LifeGeneralAn adult's revisiting a childhood haunt. Sascha Darlington
Elephants Never AbetMystery/CrimeA law-abiding pachyderm must confront traumatic memories when two thugs seek to profit from his police connections. This flash piece has been expanded from a response to the Day 16 "We Need To Talk" StoryADay prompt.Andre N. Lepine
DrowningNon-Fiction/MemoirThe author shares her experience dealing with depression, and how she found a piece of flotsam to keep from drowning in sadness.Tianna Grosch, recommended by Andre N. Lepine