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NOBODY finds time to write, they MAKE it.

This fully-downloadable workshop is yours to keep.

Audio and written lessons explain why you have so much trouble finding time to write…and what to do about it

Use the Time Tracker and Time Maker worksheets to find, and reclaim time for your writing

Begin living the writer’s lifestyle you’ve always wanted, so that you can be more creative, more productive, and more fulfilled.

$27 $17

Discover how to make writing a priority without committing to the full month!

In this 3 Day Challenge you’ll find:

Bite-sized writing lessons to get you producing your first short stories today, not ‘some day’.

Lifetime access to video, audio, and written content, from StoryADay’s Julie Duffy.

Daily writing assignments and lessons designed to fit your life, break through your resistance, and get you writing as quickly as possible.


Daunted by the road ahead and want a roadmap?

Need a solid excuse to pull yourself away from all your other obligations and look after your creative self?

Frozen, overwhelmed and sabotaged by insecurities?

If you keep coming back to writing but would rather make it your permanent home, the StoryADay I, Writer Course might be for you.

Six weeks of workshops and fellowship with other writers, determined to make it work, this time.


Superstars is our year-round private community of dedicated writers.

Writing Hangouts & sprints

Workshops & your roadmap to success

Q&As, Masterclasses and more…

Superstars opens up for new members twice a year only.

Add yourself to the no-obligation waitlist now and be the first to know when our amazing community next  opens up for new members. 




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