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Story GenreSummaryAbout the Writer
ShelterOtherThis story is a rewrite of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. What was Goldy's true motivation for taking shelter in the home of the three bears? What was she leaving behind and what was she looking for?Monique Cuillerier blogs at and she tweets at @MoniqueAC
Lady M(ermaid)FantasyA Little Mermaid/Macbeth mash-up, if you willYou can find more stories by Sonya
A PhaseGeneralA story about bullyingThis story by Jennifer Terry was recommended by Sonya
The Only Way OutAction/AdventureA 100 word story about someone being pushed to their limits.Julie Duffy is the host of StoryADay and you can find her on Twitter @storyadaymay
Rock And A Hard PlaceSuspenseWhat IS in that cave?A story by Almo Schumann, recommended by Julie Duffy
Everything Must GoHumorThe prompt for this story was that the last line is "Everything Must Go." That got me to idea of a yard sale and then to the idea of a palace yard sale. The rest is history.By Almo Schumann
Leona, Me, and the Laundromat of the Holy SpiritHumor"Who wouldn't want to read a story with a title like this?
By Marian Allen, recommended by Almo Schumann
Lake ManasarovarAction/AdventureLocal guide Marko has shown guests and adventurers around sacred Lake Manasarovar since childhood, and has grown weary of their ridiculous exploits. One day, a pilgrim shows up with a request and the proper passes to visit a secret, sacred island in the middle of the lake. How did he even find out about the island? And what will they find there? You can read more by Yvonne T. Hortillo here
A Night In A Graveyard And Other Stories of ImmortalityScience Fiction/SpeculativeA glimpse into a funeral home and a wild city in an alternative future. The story is part dystopia and part fairy tale. You can read more by Marta Pelrine-Bacon here
Dime A DanceGeneralMarvin finds a special box left abandoned in the train station where he works. The item in the box takes him back to a special time in his life. You can more by Sojourner McConnell here
Everything Comes In ThreesGeneralThe concept that things do indeed happen in sets of three. A story by Angela Trafford, recommended by Sojourner McConnell