StoryFest 2015 – A Celebration Of The Short Story


A celebration of StoryADay May 2015 and its writers.

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StoriesGenreSummaryAbout The Writer
A Puzzling MurderMystery/CrimeA woman is found with a gun and a dead body. All the evidence is pointing to her, but her recollection of those events is vastly different. What's truth and what's fabrication?
Lori Carlson
Nearly FreeGeneral FictionA couple of homesteaders are asked to shelter runaway slaves, with the slave-catcher just minutes behind.
Marian Allen
What Else Could Go WrongHumorNever ask "What else could go wrong?" You might just find out. For Laura, it was the last straw. And it was liberating.Holly Jahangiri
Ella With Her LoveHumorA little girl named ELA, wakes up with a unique dream everyday and experience her dream in the real life. One day, she woke up with a terrible dream and got worried for her love of life.
True Colors On A Windswept PlainHumorA middle-aged ranch woman finds herself dumped and left for dead on a windswept plain.
Danni McGriffith
SalvageGeneral FictionThe crew of a salvage submarine is too distracted to notice a malfunction – a story told by an omniscient narrator in 100 words(first in a series of related 100-word stories).
Sonya Oldwin
Once LovedOtherThe angels have fallen, and all some can do is grieve.
Rahne 'Raven' Ehtar
Letters UnSentRomance"Star Trek: Enterprise fan the wake of T'Pol's marriage, arranged in childhood, she and her human t'hy'la, Trip Tucker attempt to resolve the implications of their changed relationship.

This is a series of letters, none of which get sent."
Shan Jeniah Burton
Missing HeirMystery/CrimeThe normally punctual and responsible Thomas Albae hasn't been seen for months. Where is Mr. Albae? Why hasn't he returned? And what now will happen to his farm and inheritance? Yvonne T. Hortillo
Getting The MailOtherAgnes reflects that even in retirement and responsible for only herself she still lives a very domesticated life. She receives an unusual package in the mail.
Wendy de Blauw
The LetterMystery/CrimeColeen receives a mysterious letter in the mail...and she's not the only one. What ominous future does the information in The Letter hold?
Flight of FancyRomanceRemember your pen friend from school? A tale of what can happen when you finally come face to face, rather than the anonymity of a badly written letter in a foreign language.
Malcolm Richardson
The IroquoisGeneral FictionAn Iroquois model watches the reaction of a father and son to his display at a museum. It's a short and somewhat whimsical look at history and our knowledge or lack of it.
Sarah Cain
The Cosmic Highway by Finmora WestcawFantasyIt's time to shine brightly for all to see. They are lined up and ready to go when given the word. Meteor Showers--personified! Recommended by Lori Carlson
You Are Getting Sleeeeepy by Holly JahangiriGeneral FictionA stressed writer under hypnosis finds herself mentally critiquing the hypnotist's script and improves it for herself.Recommended by Marian Allen
The Lone Librarian by Marian AllenScience Fiction/SpeculativeThe Head Librarian of the Council City Living Library is unexpectedly called upon to perform heroic feats of animal rescue.Recommended by Holly Jahangiri
The Dryness of An Autumn SeasonGeneral FictionThe author wrote about precious parts of her life, connecting with the autumn season. An interesting read.Recommended by Arfa
Syncopated Psychosis by Chris StolleOtherA professor explores the persistence of memory, love, chemistry, and mental illness in relation to art.Recommended by Danni McGriffith
Shattered Hearts by Lori CarlsonGeneral FictionA glass blower makes a vase for the woman he loves, but the delivery doesn't go smoothly.Recommended by Sonya Oldwin
Mission Z by Chris StolleFantasy"A lesson, an intriguing situation, a mission, tears, and lots of questions....

I was transported!"
Recommended by Shan Jeniah Burton
Life's Sunset by Lori CarlsonRomanceA love story, and the special traditions couples have, is brought to life in a bittersweet story that tugs on the heartstrings. Recommended by Finmora Westcaw
Convicts by moosestoriesAction/AdventureConvicts exiled on an alien undergo a harrowing patrol led be a tormented commander. Very tense and creepy.Recommended by Sarah Cain

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